What do we do?

Your ideas and experiences of nursing are importantThe quality of nurse education and research is crucial to the provision of high standards of patient care. Patients, carers, parents and advocates of the sick and vulnerable should have input into the kind of nurse education provided and research undertaken. Service User and Carer Involvement in health care is widely supported at a national level both through the NHS plan and the Department of Health’s Patient and Public Involvement agenda. 

The relevance of service user involvement within the education of health professionals is therefore clear and explicit. The NMC Code of Conduct and the new Standards for pre-registration nurse education (NMC, 2010) both require that nurses collaborate and work in partnership with those in their care.

Hearing the patient’s perspective on nursing is crucial to nursing care, education and research quality. We wish to expand and develop our approach to involving service users and carers in our nursing education programmes and our health care research. We know that service user and carer involvement in health care education and research is a powerful way of improving the quality of our nursing students and health care services. We would like to increase the number of service user and carers involved in our school. We also aspire that service users/carers are involved in a more collaborative and partnership way so that involvement is meaningful and authentic for all.