Get involved

Who can be involved in our nurse education programme and research?

People who have used all types of health service, their carers and families are welcome. It can be anyone in the West Midlands – we all use health services at some point! Typically people who get involved have had experiences of being a patient in or out of hospital, using health services, or looking after a family member who is unwell.

It is very important that we have involvement and representation of the diverse characteristics of people living in the West Midlands and accessing health and social care services: the young, older people, male, female, black, minority ethnic groups, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered, those with different cultural and religious beliefs, people with learning disabilities and those who use mental health services.

We will warmly welcome people who might want to get involved and share their experiences of nursing and health and social care.

What will be asked of people who become involved in our nursing programme and/or research...

  • To attend Public Engagement in Nursing Advisory group meetings (approximately every 6-8 weeks) here at the University of Birmingham with other service users and carers, nurse educators and nursing students.

In what ways could people be involved?...

There are many different activities people can be involved, here are some examples:-

  • Talk with groups of student nurses and answer their questions about your experiences.
  • Help to devise, plan, develop, co-ordinate and implement a service user and carer involvement strategy for our School of Nursing.
  • Work with nurse lecturers and contribute to their teaching and research activities.
  • Take part in consultations about what students should learn.
  • Come to meetings about how to involve patients, service users and carers.
  • Participate in nursing research projects, conferences and publications.
  • Come to open days and meet people who want to become nursing students.

If you wish to become involved in any of the activities mentioned above then please complete our service user enrolment form and post or email to the address on the form.

Practical information...

  • The Institute of Clinical Sciences pays fees and travel expenses for people who are involved.
  • People who are involved will be fully supported.
  • Training will be provided for people who would like to be involved.
  • Meetings will be made accessible for anyone who wants to be involved and will be in places accessible for people who use wheelchairs.

Who to contact regarding being involved?

We are keen to hear from individuals and support groups from different backgrounds. If you are interested in getting involved and would like to know more about our work in the Institute of Clinical Sciences - Nursing, please contact Mark Hughes, email: for further information.