From Autumn 2015, there will be two tiers of Public Engagement in Nursing membership: 1. PEN board member, 2. Second tier member- who will be involved in teaching and learning sessions for the undergraduate nursing students. This may involve speaking to students about their own experiences as a service user (patient / client) or as a carer.  Alternatively, it could be involved in role play scenarios for nursing case studies, so the second tier member would have to be comfortable in role playing.

In November 2015, three PEN members (Sandra Haynes, Aprella Fitch, and Mary Nettle) were consulted and were present at the validation of the Non-Medical Prescribing course event at the Medical School. The validation was successful, and the course now provides an integral part of the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. Download the flyer

On PEN group membership comprises… Sandra Haynes is now the PEN Chair, not Aprella Fitch. Student membership comprises:  Lucy Mason (3rd year child field student), Hayley Lawley (3rd year adult field student ), Samantha Meade (3rd year adult field student , Vice Chair), Martin Palmer (2nd year, mental health field student ), Harriet Overfield (2nd year, adult field student ), Amy Eaves (2nd year, adult field student)