Cicero Away Day XI

Tuesday 9 June 2020 (10:30-17:00)

Registration: please contact Ashley Chhibber at by 1 June 2020.

All times are BST (British Standard Time = London)


10:30-11:00: Log on, test Audio/Visual connections

11:00-11:15: Welcome & conference format Ashley Chhibber, Ben Salisbury, Henriette van der Blom

NB: The time allotted to each paper includes the 25-minute presentation and 20 minutes of question/chair response time.

Session 1: Cicero’s letters (Chair: Catherine Steel)

11:15-12:00: Gabriel Evangelou (University of Cyprus): ‘The art of reconciliation in Cicero’s letters: strategies and their efficacy in the private and public sphere’.

12.00-13.00: Lunchtime

Session 2: Cicero and the state (Chair: Lynn Fotheringham)

13:00-13:45: Juan Garcia (Newcastle university): ‘The bellum Sertorianum as a rhetorical tool in Cicero’s speeches’

5-minute break

13:50-14:35: Adalberto Magnavacca (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa): A Republican Emperor: The Reception of Cicero’s De Re Publica in Pliny the Younger’s Panegyricus

14:35-14:55 Break

Session 3: De Haruspicum Responsis (Chair: Gesine Manuwald)

15:00-15:45: Holly Maggiore (University of Virginia): ‘Cicero’s Divided Mind: Varro’s “Tripartite Theology” in the de Haruspicum Responsis

5-minute break

15:50-16:35: Emilio Zucchetti (Newcastle University): ‘DISCORDIA optimatium: conflict, Furies, and rhetoric strategy in the De Haruspicum Responso


16:35-17:00: Summary and identification of next away day destination: Ben Salisbury, Ashley Chhibber

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