Cancelled: Texts and Topics Conference - Revision for AS/A Level AH, CC, and Latin

Wednesday 1 April 2020 (09:30-14:30)

To register, please contact Polly Stoker at


Unfortunately the Texts and Topics Conference for 2020 has been cancelled.

Join us on Wednesday 1st April at the University of Birmingham to revise AS/A Level topics in Ancient History, Classical Civilisation, and Latin.

The conference is free for students from state schools.

The fee for students from independent schools is £10, payable on the day.  

Please note that students will need to bring their own packed lunch. 

To register, please contact Polly Stoker at


9.30-9.45 Arrival and Registration

9.45-10 Welcome

Session 1 10.00-10.45

  • A Level AH: Ruling Roman Britain, AD 43-128 
  • A Level CC: Love and Relationships
  • A Level Latin/CC/AH: Politics of the Late Republic

10.45-11 Break

Session 2 11-11.45

  • A Level AH:  The end of the Peloponnesian War and its aftermath 419-404 BC
  • A Level CC: Greek Theatre
  • A Level Latin: Cicero, Philippic 2  

Session 3 11.45-12.30

  • A Level AH: The Julio-Claudian Emperors, 31 BC-AD 68 e.g., Augustus 31 BC-AD 14
  • A Level Latin/CC: Virgil, The Aeneid

12.30-1.15 Lunch

Session 4 1.15-2.00

  • A Level AH: Greece and Persia
  • A Level CC: The Iliad
  • A Level Latin: Tacitus, Histories 1

2-2.30 Classics and Ancient History at University 

Culture and collections

Schools, institutes and departments

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