Professor Henry Chapman Inaugural lecture

Arts Building - Lecture Room 1
Thursday 5 May 2022 (17:30-18:30)

Join Professor Henry Chapman for his Inaugural lecture.

'Bog bodies, wetland archaeology and peatland heritage - challenges and opportunities'

Wetlands offer the potential for the exceptional preservation of archaeology, including the remains of organic material that is normally lost. However, the future of environments such as peatlands is threatened, presenting an urgency for archaeological research against a backdrop of wider environmental concerns extending from habitat conservation to themes of climate change. 

The focus of this talk will be bog bodies; the preserved human remains of individuals who, in some cases, died over two thousand years ago. These are well known from peatlands across north-western Europe, particularly from Ireland, Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Their exceptional survival has led to comprehensive forensic studies that have explored a range of factors relating to the individual, from aspects of demography to cause of death and the circumstances of their deposition. However, there has been surprisingly little analysis of the landscape context of these bodies at the time of their deposition. 

It will present new interpretations from the study of peatland landscapes in relation to these discoveries, and will demonstrate how the future of this heritage lies in collaboration both across disciplines, but also across sectors.

Professor Chapman's lecture will conclude at 18:30 and be followed by a reception. He can also been seen here as Time Team officially returns for its first brand new episode in a decade.

Inaugural lectures are a landmark in academic life, held on the appointment of new professorships. Visit our College of Arts and Law Inaugural Lectures website to view the archive of previous talks from our academic staff. 

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