Past events - Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology


20th October - Looking for the Poor in Byzantium

13th October - Seeing Incarceration in Antiquity: Two Case Studies

6th October - Greek Manuscripts in Birmingham: A New Catalogue

29th September - Sharing Reads and References

9th-10th July - Do ancient Egyptians dream of electric sheep? The reception of ancient Egypt in science fiction

29th-30th May - 21st annual postgraduate colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

20th May - Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

6th May - Encountering Ottomans and Mamluks in Late 15th-century Italian Painting

5th May - Early urbanism in Europe?: the case of the Ukrainian Trypillia megasites

28th April - Plato and Lyric Memory

22nd April - Byzantium and its islands

21st April - The Ending of Roman Britain: new thinking on an old conundrum

27th-29th March - Nature and the Environment - The 53rd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

24th March - Prehistoric Mesopotamian figurines - first attempts at archaeological context. The Power of Convention: A Middle Kingdom Group Statuette in Context

18th March - New voices

17th March - Becoming-Eurydice in 21st century rock opera.

11th March - Breadstamps: Imprinting the Sacred

24th February - State Concept and State Experience in the Ancient Near East

10th February - The Power of Convention: A Middle Kingdom Group Statuette in Context

4th February - Between text and image, between writing and orality

28th January - The Great Church which is called Sophia

26th January - Rethinking the political class of democratic Athens


8th December - Migration and Mobility within the ancient Mediterranean world. Question of scale and structure

3rd December - Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks

25th November - "The Sphinx's seamless veil": Exploring the Religious Reception of Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

19th November - The Palaiologan Inscriptions of Venetian Crete: interpretative contradictions.

13th November - Ben Salisbury: Public opinion and the public sphere in the late Roman Republic

11th November - Early urbanism in Europe?: the case of the Ukrainian Trypillia megasites

30th October - A Workshop on Rural Communities in Ancient Greece

29th October - String theory: order and disruption in Byzantine interlace

27th October - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

20th October - Dancing in the streets of Constantinople

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

14th October - Back through Byzantium: textual transmission, global history and the journey of a travel account

8th October - Quarantine Tales

7th October - The Impact of Covid on Cities and the Built Environment

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

12th July-8th August - Cancelled: The Classical and Byzantine Greek Summer School

25th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Undergraduate Open Day

9th June - Cicero Away Day XI

1st April - Cancelled: Texts and Topics Conference - Revision for AS/A Level AH, CC, and Latin

26th March - Cancelled: Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

25th March - State Concept and State Experience in the Ancient Near East

19th March - Postponed: Natalie Haynes: Troy Story

18th March - "The Sphinx's seamless veil": Exploring the Religious Reception of Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

12th March - Seminar cancelled

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day

11th March - Egyptian Servants – Shabti Figures from the Eton Myers Egyptian Collection

11th March - Contemporary reworkings of the myth of Eurydice

5th March - Title to be confirmed

26th February - Lost and Grief in the Roman World (the epitaph of Publius Aurarius Crescens)

26th February - "Can I just say that this has been the most disturbing paper I've read?" – re-thinking the bog bodies of later prehistoric Europe

13th February - 'Augustine's women'

12th February - Identifying and interpreting fake inscriptions from the 18th century

6th February - Living heritage in Greece: perceptions of traditional settlements

5th February - The analysis of human skeletal remains and the work of the forensic anthropologist

1st February - BMCA Teachers' Day

30th January - Female agency in Mystras: fashion indices in late Byzantine art

29th January - Pots, People and the Past

23rd January - The view from the edge: Byzantium and post-Roman Hispania

16th January - Approaching the 'Macedonian Dynasty': family and gender


11th December - Protecting the Dead: The Apis Bull in ancient Egypt

11th December - The challenges of building a state anew: Egypt in the early Middle Kingdom

5th December - New Approaches to Medieval Romance from the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond, c. 1100-1500

5th December - Approaches to the Byzantine novel

4th December - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

27th November - For Themistocles of Phrearrhioi, for the sake of honour'. A new perspective on the Athenian institution of ostracism

23rd-24th November - Meaning, Memory and Movement: Ancient and Medieval Spaces

21st November - Morale and discipline in the Ottoman army,.c.1450-c.1600

21st November - Trouble in the Tehran Multiplex: Iranian Perceptions of the Heroic in the 300 film franchise

20th November - Lachares and Menander: a theatre-historical look at POxy 1235, col. iii, 103-12

14th November - Institutionalising citizenship in ancient Greece

14th November - Byzantium and Africa: a new frontier

13th November - Militaristic and pious? Lead figurines from the Spartan sanctuary of Artemis Orthia.

13th November - Magistrates' accountability and epigraphic documents in the Greek cities: accounts and inventories

31st October - Byzantium: commonwealth, empire or nation-state?

24th October - Bridging the Gap: processions in early medieval Constantinople

23rd October - Debating Tiberian political discourse

17th October - English chaplains and the Greek Church in 18th-century Aleppo

16th October - Replica objects and reconstructing the past – but what are we reconstructing?

16th October - A report on the 2019 Bays of East Attica Regional Survey (BEARS) Project

15th October - Launch event: The Crisis of Rhetoric: Renewing Political Speech and Speechwriting

10th October - Islamisation and Sufism in Mongol Anatolia and beyond

9th October - Tom Irson's head: a case study in the reception of Lucian of Samosata

30th May - Climate Change and Wetland Archaeology

28th May - The Art of Political Rhetoric: Antiquity and Today

3rd April - The Crisis of Rhetoric: Workshop 6 - Changing the State of Political Speech

21st March - Flavius Josephus in medieval Greek and Latin Histories: some cross-cultural approaches

20th March - Making Time: Physical Manifestations of Time in Ancient Art

14th March - Francis Bacon in Ancient Greek. Nikolaos Mavrokordatos (1680-1730) and cultural mobility

9th March - BMCA Texts and Topics Conference 2019

7th March - Consular networks, shipping routes, and the Ottoman world in the late 19th century

6th March - Medicine, Empire and Difference in the Roman World

28th February - Greek Adoptees Anonymous: adoption, memory and Cold War Greece

27th February - Recasting the Chorus: Non-citizen choral performers in fifth and fourth-century Attic drama

14th February - 'Remnants of Byzantium': the uses of the past by the expatriated Greeks of Turkey

7th February - Kantakouzenos' daemon: providence and persuasion in late Byzantine historiography

7th February - The fight for the Republic: Rome's violent words and deeds in civil war

6th February - Winckelmann's love letters: epistolarity, sexuality and classical reception

2nd February - Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association Teachers' Day

31st January - Unlikely migrants: slavery, emancipation, and race in the Reform-Era Ottoman Mediterranean

30th January - Dido: Reclaiming a Carthaginian Queen

29th January - BRIHC Seminar launch event

24th January - Interpreting the Constantinopolitan landscape: A Rus traveller in Byzantium

23rd January - Ovid's Metamorphic Roman Cycle: Epic after Ardea Burns

17th January-17th February - Environment, economy and landscape in early modern Cyprus

16th January - Wearing Rome: the toga and the Roman man


5th December - Spaces of contestation and diplomatic danger at Rome

28th November - Pride of Place and the Greek polis and island histories: why write a local history?

21st November - Sensing Divinity: Smell, Society and the Gods

14th November - Shameful kisses: a potted history of the reception - and rejection - of Catullus' lover Juventius

24th October - On Translating Sappho

17th October - Horace's Ode 1.12: Subterranean Lyrics

11th October - Augustus, the Senate and the Ara Pacis.

10th October - Supporting Classics in Primary Schools

3rd October - Classics in Primary School

13th September - The Crisis of Rhetoric: Workshop 5 - Media Rhetoric

2nd July - The Crisis of Rhetoric: Workshop 4 - Reasons and Reasoning

9th June - Supporting Classics Teaching at Key Stages 3, 4, and 5

24th May - Early Mycenaean gold and goldsmithing

9th May - Conflict, reconciliation and community

9th May - CeSMA Annual Lecture

4th May - Exploring crises in the modern Greek World cultural narratives, identity politics social life

2nd May - CAHA Postgraduate Colloquium 2018

21st March - Herculaneum. From excavation archives to 3D digitization of houses

17th March - Delos Network: Workshop 1 - Delos Ideals

14th March - The Crisis of Rhetoric: Workshop 3 - Ethos & Identification

10th March - BMCA Texts and Topics Conference

7th March - Women and the foundation of Greek colonies

28th February - The chorus in fourth-century revivals of Greek tragedy

21st February - Desire & Virtue: Valerius Maximus' Handling of Philosophical Ideas

13th February - Medical Humanities and Medieval Literature? Voices, Breath, Feeling

7th February - Defacing the enemy: punishment, order, and visual representation in Assyria

6th February - The Classical Heritage Under Threat: Destroying and Preserving our Past

3rd February - BMCA Teachers' Day

31st January - The long lives of ancient statues: new finds, new research at Aphrodisias

24th January - Annual Medieval and Early Modern lecture

17th January - Screening of 'Queens of Syria' Documentary with Question and Answer Session

17th January - Competitive Worship? Greek Gods between Hellenistic Rulers and Republican Rome


12th December - The Crisis of Rhetoric: Workshop 2 - Concepts

6th December - Making canon out of nothing, or the peculiar history of a few Mesopotamian objects, and a few odd comments about Sumerian literature

29th November - Persian Documents from Pre-Mongol Bamiyan

23rd November - When the "I" becomes "we": From personal to collective memories. Reflections from locals in Greek traditional settlements.

15th November - Faking it in Antiquity: The Letters of Marcus Brutus and Mithridates

9th November - Title to be confirmed

8th November - Politics of Collecting in nineteenth century Greece

31st October - Ironbridge Lecture

26th October - Exploring perceptions of heritage in Greek traditional settlements

18th October - How do Egyptian hieroglyphs and other images both work together and stay apart?

12th October - Walking with Socrates: Philosophy in the City of Athens

10th October - Title to be confirmed

10th October - 'I am Antony yet': Reading Mark Antony's Mail

10th October - Title to be confirmed

5th October - Title to be confirmed

4th October - Making sense of Sulla: memory, recovery and Cicero's early speeches

28th September - Constructing an ontology of the historic battlefield (or, some of what we did on our holiday)

27th September - Is it a farm? The archaeology of farmsteads in mainland Greece

21st-23rd September - The Modern Invention of Dynasty: A Global Intellectual History, 1500-2000

13th September - Workshop 1: The State of Political Speech

22nd August - BRIHC Scholars Symposium

28th July - Literary 'spaces' for oratory and rhetoric from antiquity to the 20th century

28th June - Rhetoric of Fear in Republican Rome: the Ciceronian Case

7th June - Strategies for research dissemination

22nd May - Playing by the rules? The importance of obedience in Spartan Society

10th May - CAHA Postgraduate Colloquium 2017

16th March - Honour among Thebes

15th March - The unsayable in Ovid's Remedia Amoris

14th March - Online Ovids: the exiles of Marie Darrieussecq and Saviana Stãnescu

9th March - 'Free speech' in academia: between critical imperative and structural inequality

8th March - The imperial senate and the city of Rome

28th February - Antinous and the Lerna mysteries: A marble statue from the sanctuary of Demeter Prosymna and Dionysus

22nd February - 'And there was no one who would remember it': technologies of remembrance and the materialisation of social memory in Middle Kingdom Egypt

17th February - Digging into Ancient Egypt: Symposium

17th-18th February - Understanding Material Loss

7th February - The Canopus conundrum: statuary from the underwater excavations in Abu Kir, Egypt

31st January - Bad art? What can we learn if we dare discuss quality in Roman provincial sculpture from Moesia Superior

25th January - The Tiburtine Sibyl at the Villa d'Este: Oracular Encounters & Prophetic Locales

19th January - The State of Speech: Cicero and current research into Roman republican oratory [FULL VIDEO RECORDING]

17th January - Preserving the hidden seeds: what happened to Celtic art in Roman Britain?

11th January - The religious life of Dura-Europos in twenty-five (relatively unknown) objects

10th January - The Aphrodite of Emesa: Marble statuettes and religious life in Roman Syria


30th November - Nature and Fiction in Hellenistic and Roman Landscape Painting

28th November - What I found there: Reading Classical Landscapes

23rd November - I just can't wait to be king: fathers and rulers in Seneca

16th November - The painted tombs of Bulgaria between the Late-Classical and Early Hellenistic period. Figurative programs, local models, and external influences

9th November - 'Whenever you dream that we're going to be saved, then we just sink further': Dream divination in Graeco-Roman Egypt

26th October - The Archaeology of Colours: New Research on the Polychromy of Greek Painting and Sculpture

20th October - Network for Oratory and Politics launch

19th October - BRIHC: Thinking through 'loss'

18th October - The materiality of writing in 3rd millennium BCE Mesopotamia

12th October - "Mixing Colours": Native Tradition and Roman Power in South Italian Funerary Painting

6th October - Why I am fed up with the Sophoclean Hero

5th October - Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic: the case of Pompeius Magnus

28th September - One step too low: A reinterpretation of the Procession Fresco at Knossos

23rd-24th September - Tea with the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt and the Modern Imagination

22nd September - Film screening: The Mummy (1932)

4th-8th July - Birmingham and Midlands School Classics Hub Summer School 2016

18th June - Ovid's garden party

31st March-4th April - Inheriting the City

23rd March - Fear, honour and profit? Revisiting the 'Balance Sheet' of Greek imperialism

16th March - The port-city of Delos and its commercial cityscape

9th March - His native home deep imag'd in his soul': Reimagining Nostos

24th February - Royal City of Sais and its Antecedents

10th February - Middle Kingdom ritual reflected in writing. A case-study from Asyut

2nd February - The King-Priest Quarrel in the Ādiparvan (Mahābhārata 1) and the Iliad (Bk 1)

27th January - Everyman's Automaton? Who was the audience of Hero of Alexandria's treatise "On Making Automata"?