Life in the Greek and Roman city

Photograph across the cityscape of Athens with the ruins of the Acropolis in the background

Andrew Bayliss works on political life in ancient Greek cities. This research focuses on identity, citizenship, political ideology, leadership, political participation, and international relations in the Greek city in the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods. This work often concentrates on the nexus between politics and religion in the Greek world. Key publications: After Demosthenes: the politics of early Hellenistic Athens (Continuum, 2011); The Oath in Archaic and Classical Greece: Oath and State (with Alan Sommerstein) (forthcoming). Andrew has also published numerous articles on Athenian political inscriptions.

Diana Spencer works on ancient interest in the topography of Rome, and the idea of landscape in Roman literary and visual discourse. This field of study crosses disciplines, taking in contemporary methodologies in urban geography and the syntax of space, and more traditional close analysis of written, monumental, and artistic texts. Key publications: (with David H. J. Larmour) The Sites of Rome: Time, Space, Memory (2007); Roman Landscape: Culture and Identity (2010); ‘Movement and the Linguistic Turn: Reading Movement in Varro’s de Lingua Latina’, in R. Laurence and D. J. Newsome (eds.) Rome, Ostia, Pompeii: Movement and Space (forthcoming, 2011).

Gareth Sears works on the evolution of the city and city life in Roman Africa and in particular on the late Roman diocese of Africa. The focus of the work is often the relationship between Christians and their urban environment, and on the competition for space between different religious groups. Gareth has also co-directed fieldwork at Cyrene in eastern Libya. Key publications: Late Roman African Urbanism (2007); The Cities of Roman Africa (2011); The City in the Roman West 250 BC to AD 250 (with Ray Laurence and Simon Esmonde Cleary) (forthcoming 2011); Deciphering‘Lost’ Urban Landscapes at Cyrene (with Vince Gaffney et al.) in N. Christie Vrbes Extinctae (forthcoming). (with Vince Gaffney et al.) in N. Christie (forthcoming).

Niall Livingstone

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In the Archaeology area Simon Esmonde Cleary also works on some of these issues.