Stephanie Boonstra

Stephanie Boonstra

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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Title of thesis: Typology of Eighteenth Dynasty Scarabs

Supervisor: Dr Martin Bommas


  • MA Egyptian Archaeology – Distinction, University College London
  • BA Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology - Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada)


In 2014, I started my PhD in Egyptology, funded by the College of Arts and Law, looking in-depth at the surface features and designs of Eighteenth Dynasty scarabs. My passion for scarabs began during my MA programme at UCL where I studied the Middle Bronze Age scarabs of Tell el-‘Ajjul, in the southern Levant (

On top of my research, I am also the Post Graduate Curator of the Eton Myers Collection of Egyptian Art, which is currently on loan from Eton College to the University of Birmingham (

Outside of the university, I regularly travel to Egypt to excavate under the direction of Dr. Joanne Rowland in the Nile Delta in the Minufiyeh and Imbaba governates (


  • 2016 Project Module ‘The Rise and Fall of the Middle Kingdom’ (Instructor)
  • 2015 Seminar ‘Egyptian Blue’ (Held seminars in the Eton Myers Collection)
  • 2013 Instructional Assistant ‘Bronze Age in the Near East’ (Taught lab component)
  • 2013 Guest Lecturer ‘Late Cultures of the Greater Near East and Egypt’ (Taught lectures on the Egyptian New Kingdom)

Doctoral research


Creating a typology of Eighteenth Dynasty scarabs from sites throughout Egypt and the southern Levant to answer questions regarding production methods, workshops, trade, and cultural interaction.