Robin Diver

Robin Diver

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral Researcher

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  • BA in Classical Literature and Civilisation, University of Birmingham, 2015.
  • MRes in Classics, University of Birmingham, 2017.


My interest in Classics and Ancient History originally developed through children’s anthologies of Greek myth when I was around the age of ten. However, once I started researching my favourite myths on the internet, I was stuck by how different the version portrayed in children’s anthologies was.  Since then, I have maintained an interested in the portrayal of sexuality in children’s books and in classical reception more generally.


  • Introduction to Roman Literature Seminars: 8 hours taught.
  • Introduction to Roman Literature Marking: 33 exam papers marked.

Doctoral research

PhD title
'Wonderful Stories for Kids':Rape and Sexual Violence in Children’s Anthologies of Greek Myth
Dr Philip Burton


Anthologies of children’s Greek myths (e.g. Hawthorne, Coats) are published regularly, and receive reviews stressing their importance to children’s education and are sometimes taught in schools. Their creation, however, necessitates reconciliation between the sexual violence prevalent in myth and the didactic aim of children’s tales. My research sets anthologies from 1850 to the present day within their historical and social context to examine how they address this tension.

Other activities

  • Publicity Officer at UoB PG Rosetta Journal: October 2016-October 2018.
  • Secretary at UoB MAC (Modern and Contemporary Forum): October 2017-present.
  • Book Reviews Editor at UoB PG Rosetta Journal: October 2017-present.
  • PhD SHaC 1st Year Student Rep: November 2017-August 2018.
  • General Editor/Manager at UoB PG Rosetta Journal: August 2018-present.
  • SHaC PhD Student Mentor: July 2018-present.