Angela Parkes

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology
Doctoral researcher

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Title of thesis: The Development of Early Christian Latin

Supervisor: Dr Philip Burton


  • BA (Nottingham)
  • Dip.Ed (Oxford)
  • MA (Trinity St. David Uni Wales)


  • Teacher of German, Latin, Religious Studies and Music for 50 year plus
  • Reader and organist in Anglican Church
  • Now retired, private and voluntary Latin teaching


  • Private tutoring in Latin, young people and adults
  • Adult Latin study groups

Doctoral research


The early expression and dissemination of Christian beliefs through the medium of  Latin, as distinct from Greek, up to the middle of the third century AD; the Latin vernacular of the period and the gradual development of a specifically Christian vocabulary, if any; early Latin Biblical translations; the first extant major Christians writers in Latin, particularly Tertullian and Cyprian; the later reception and scholarship related to this period, especially the work of the Nijmegen School in the early part of the 20th century: reception and scholarship up to the present.

Other activities

Conference papers

  • The History and Intellectual context of the Sondersprache
  • Tertullian - 'the father of Christian Latin' - or not?
  • Latine Loqui; What Latin? posh, plebeian, post-classical?#
  • The Rough and the Smooth - the contrasting contributions of Tertullian and Cyprian to Christian writing in Latin