Find a research supervisor in inter-state religion in the Ancient World 

Staff in the Department of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient History who supervise PhD/MA by Research in the area of inter-state religion in the Ancient World.

Dr Andrew Bayliss

Senior Lecturer in Greek History

Athenian politics, Alexander the Great, the early Hellenistic period, and Sparta

Dr Hannah Cornwell

Dr Hannah Cornwell

Lecturer in Ancient History

Roman History, especially political aspects of the Roman Republic and Early Principate, Imperial ideology, International Relations and diplomacy, and interdisciplinary approaches to history and material culture

Dr J. Cale Johnson

Dr J. Cale Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Assyriology

  • Sumerian literature
  • Technical disciplines and compendia in antiquity
  • Mesopotamian administrative and legal history

Dr Claus Jurman

Lecturer in Egyptology

Ancient Egyptian history, society, culture and art, especially concerning Egypt during the 1st millennium BC

Dr William Mack

Senior Lecturer in Ancient Greek History and Culture

Ancient political institutions, interstate relations, the Greek city-states, and epigraphic culture

Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology staff research supervision areas