Crossroads in African studies


The Fage Lectures

In recognition of Professor John Fage, founder of CWAS and a major contributor to the institutionalisation of African Studies in the UK and internationally, the Department of African Studies and Anthropology (incorporating CWAS) will launch a new annual lecture series in September.

Taking place in the afternoon of Thursday 5, the opening event will feature a double lecture on African economic history from a global perspective and in the longue durée, with two contributions delivered by Prof. Gareth Austin (Graduate Institute, Geneva) and Prof. A.G Hopkins (University of Texas), with Prof. Robin Law (University of Stirling) acting as discussant.


A reception will follow the lecture.

Both DASA and CWAS gratefully acknowledge a subvention by the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom (ASAUK), whose 50th anniversary also falls in 2013, to support the launch of the annual Fage Lecture scheme.