Previous DASA events


15th November - Diaspora communications and humanitarian emergencies: the case of Ebola and the Regent mudslide and the Sierra Leonean diaspora in the UK

13th November - Post-conflict Transition(s) to Normality: Individual Stories from Sierra Leone.

10th November - Re-thinking Sunjata: epics, oral literature & translation in West Africa

8th November - Contemporary African Cinemas: New genres, aesthetics and themes

25th October - Black History in the Midlands and Beyond: Connections and Context

25th October - Africa Talks double session

18th October - Race Work-in-Progress Seminar Launch

18th October - From Institutional Entrepreneurship to Institutional Work: The World Bank in Ghana, 1957-1985

14th October - Undergraduate Open Day

11th October - Soldiers in Revolt: Army Mutinies in Africa

9th October - Africa Writes Pop-Up Birmingham With Chinelo Okparanta, Jowhor Ile and Olumide Popoola

4th October - Achieving Contextual Sentencing in the court room in Uganda through Community Impact Statements: whither kinship justice?

27th September - Nation-making at the Border: Zambian Diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo

21st-23rd September - The Modern Invention of Dynasty: A Global Intellectual History, 1500-2000

20th September - Research Africa Day 2017

22nd August - BRIHC Scholars Symposium

7th June - Strategies for research dissemination

2nd June - Women, the Body and Capitalist Accumulation, Past and Present

1st-2nd June - 'Marriage in Africa' - The Cadbury Conference 2017

17th May - Postcolonialism in interdisciplinary perspective

22nd March - Reproducing Remoteness? States, Internationals and the Co-Constitution of Aid 'Bunkerization' in the East African Periphery

20th March - Confessions of a Courtesan: Print Culture in Colonial Lagos

15th March - Podcast: The Authoritarian Origins of Well-Organised Opposition Parties: The Rise of Chadema in Tanzania

8th March - Podcast: From Becoming 'saso' to Becoming MSM? Queer Subjectivities and HIV Discourse in Accra, Ghana

1st March - Designs for Life: Notes on Poverty, Cultural Practices and a Female Carpentry-Training Project in Lagos

28th February - Sierra Leonean storytelling with Usifu Jalloh

22nd February - Nigeria is my Playground: A History of Yoruba and Anglophone Travel Writing by Nigerians

8th February - The Spirit of Dis/continuity: Pentecostalism in a South African Township'

2nd February - Podcast: Reconsidering 'Resource Wars': The Micro-Dynamics Of Diamonds in the Revolutionary United Front

1st February - African Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

31st January - Ace Dance and Music

25th January - A Sharia Court Post Slavery Judgement: The Qadi, Colonial Rule and the Marriage of a 'Slave Woman' along the Eastern Coast of the Indian Ocean

24th January - Lekan Babalola

18th January - Narrating the Past: Orality, History and the Production of Knowledge in the works of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

17th January - Nairobi Half Life

16th January - Africa in 2017: Prospects & Forecasts

11th January - Nigerian Visions of India: Journalists, Soldiers and Nationalists in 1940s India


7th December - On the Matter of Words: The Invention of Prophetic Alphabets in Africa

30th November - Love and Absence in Senegalese Transnational Families

23rd November - Feminine Futures: Female Initiation and Aspiration in Matrilineal Malawi

17th November - The Meanings of Black History

16th November - MCH BRIHC: Forests, Fields, and Peasant Revolution: The 'Green Cadres' and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire

9th November - The United Nations and Sanctions against South Africa, 1946-1965

27th October - Artificial nations: disappeared states, post-colonial borders and methodological nationalism

26th October - Writing about the "Other" in Africa: reflections from the 16th century

19th October - BRIHC: Thinking through 'loss'

19th October - Femi Oyebode reads from his poetry

12th October - Trauma and the Epic in Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean Literature

5th October - Aliens, Citizens, and Rights: Zimbabwe's Citizenship Law since Independence

28th September - Legal Disputes in the Era of the Slave Trade: Afro-Portuguese Relations in the Bight of Benin in the Eighteenth Century

30th June-1st July - Cadbury Conference 2016: Bodies of text - learning to be Muslim in West Africa

28th June - Timbuktu's intellectual and social histories

15th June - Youth and being Muslim in Senegal

8th June - Commemorations of the birth of Prophet Muhammad or Mawlid in northern Ivory Coast: between reislamisation, socialization and political legitimacy

1st June - Shaping Muslim Identities in West Africa, Past and Present

25th May - Constructing Salafi Identity and Islamic Radicalisation in Ghana

19th May - Adabiyya and Markaziyya Knowledge Praxes in Ilorin 1960-2015

11th May - Arabisants' reformulation of religious practices and social values in Mali

19th April - Gender, violence, and the children born of war in Northern Uganda: new directions in research

23rd March - Writing about the "Other" in Africa: reflections from the 16th century

16th March - Politics of religious registration in Africa

9th March - African travel writing encounters workshop: three African and diaspora travel writers in conversation

2nd March - A change of heart: genres of social transformation and religious conversion in South Africa

24th February - Radicalization and counter-radicalization of Muslims in Northern Nigeria

10th February - Political crisis, legitimacy, and "culture" in Mali

3rd February - "These unbelievers beyond the Nile": The geography of Jihad in Sokoto

27th January - Issues, class, ethnic identities and religious affiliations: which is more Important in African elections?


9th December - The Exclusion of Indian Doctors from the Colonial Medical Service in Kenya

2nd December - "Translated from Gikuyu by the Author": Ngugi' wa Thiong'o's Self-Translation of Wizard of the Crow

25th November - Spirituality and Resistance in the Niger Delta

18th November - The Erotic as Rhetoric of Subversion in Saint Janet's Juju Music

12th November - Muslim Oralcy in West Africa: A Neglected Subject

12th-14th November - Landscapes, sources and intellectual projects in African history: rethinking historical evidence and its interpretation

21st October - The Real Achebe School: Reconsidering the Emergence of First-Generation Nigerian Writing

14th October - Firearms in Nineteenth-Century Central Africa: A Revisionist History

28th May - The Origins and Transmission of Culture (OToC): An interdisciplinary approach

21st May - How is interpretation a form of judgment?: analysis

21st-23rd May - Cadbury Conference 2015: Money Judgments

13th May - The making of an African consumer price index: figures

6th May - Making money circulate - velocity and judgment: fieldwork

29th April - People's judgments of price fluctuation in soft currency economies: records

20th-23rd April - Workshop on interdisciplinary approaches to the present economy

25th March - Becoming local citizens: migrants, the politics of difference and agrarian clientelism in the Gambia

18th March - Zambia's commemoration of Livingstone in 1973: Kaunda, humanism and the politics of the uni-party state

11th March - role of discourse in Zimbabwe's current succession politics

25th February - Black power in Caribbean context

11th February - Alioune Diop and the 1966 Festival mondial des arts nègres: cultural ideology under pressure

4th February - Nyerere in Scotland: the roots of Ujamaa?

28th January - Christian divine healing, zionism, and British imperial networks in Johannesburgh, Transvaal, 1896-1914


11th December - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application

4th December - Re-thinking race and class in twentieth century South Africa

27th November - War in Northern Uganda: background and effects

20th November - Youth and insecurity in the Niger Delta

30th October - Class and informal economic restructuring

23rd October - East African railways and harbours 1945-60: labour resistance to a 'crisis of accumulation'

22nd October - Adapting to Climate Change: Coping with the Effects of Weather Changes in Rural Sierra Leone

9th October - French perceptions of Algerian society at the onset of colonial conquest (ca.1840-1860)

2nd October - The price of death: understanding the township funeral industry in South Africa

4th September - Panel Discussion

4th-6th September - Crossroads in African Studies

2nd September-29th November - BABEL: An exhibition of images and words by Stewart Brown

17th May-18th June - The Cadbury Conference 2013: African newspaper cultures

19th March - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

5th March - Urban slums in Durban, South Africa

22nd February - Postgraduate Workshop: sites of memory

5th February - Round Table: focus on sources

30th January - The rule of fear: state violence in colonial Kenya, 1952-1955

23rd January - Round Table: focus on the Danford Collection

15th January - "The idea of the nation was superior to race": transforming racial contours, social attitudes, and decolonizing French Empire from La Réunion 1946-1973

8th January - Conundrums of cash: wage rhythms, wealth circulation and the ethics of the economy on the Zimbabwean-South African border