Film screening: Nowhere to call home, a Tibetan in Beijing

Thursday 5 February 2015 (16:00-18:00)

Nowhere To Call Home tells the powerful story of a Tibetan widow (Zanta) who stands up to her authoritarian father-in-law so that her son can get an education. The groundbreaking film has won accolades in China from both Tibetans and Han Chinese and is paving the way for a new conversation.

The film screening will take place from 6:00pm on Thursday 5 February in the Mockingbird Theatre and Bar at the Custard Factory - ( A panel discussion will follow the film, featuring the film maker, Jocelyn Ford, and a panel of specialists from the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham.

For further information on the film please visit - There is no need to register and the event is free, however, a donation of £5 by non-students would be welcome to support Zanta.

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