Bring Back the Bodies

The Danford Room, 2nd Floor, Arts Building
Monday 27 June 2022 (14:00-15:30)

Dr Shirley Ye:

Photo of Kris Manjapra

Speaker: Professor Kris Manjapra

Kris Manjapra's visit in 2022 is supported by the Leverhulme Trust.

This talk is based on new research into the necropolitics and poetics surrounding the human remains of Indigenous, African, and Asian peoples collected in Natural History Museums in Europe.  This paper studies the history of scientific discourses that mediated the practice of human-remains collection from the colonial world, as well as the varieties of new meanings and political uses that these human remains take today in terms of community redress and reparations activism.

Speaker biography

 Kris Manjapra, Professor of History at Tufts University (Boston, USA) works at the intersection of comparative global history and the critical study of race and colonialism.  He aims to break down disciplinary boundaries and explode the walls separating the university from larger and more diverse communities.  He is the founder of a site-based nonprofit, Black History in Action, dedicated to the restoration and reactivation of a Black cultural heritage center in Cambridge, MA.  Kris also co-organizes a free online community certificate course, entitled Black Futures Matter, serving people’s assemblies across the US and the Caribbean. 


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