Previous events


18th October - Race Work-in-Progress Seminar Launch

17th October - Guy Geltner, 'More Facts and Less Mudslinging': PG Workshop in Pre-Modern Public Health

17th October - The Hindenburg Line 1918: Haig's Forgotten Triumph

16th October - Pro salute hominum conservanda: Urban Infrastructure and Biopolitics in Later Medieval Italy

14th October - Undergraduate Open Day

11th October - The Economy of Judgements: Book Talk, Scarcity, and the Production of Dissensus in Early Modern Europe

10th October - British Forces and the Sunday Schools, 1914-1918

7th October - Black Country History Day

5th October - Fakes, forgeries and the birth of mass production in the European watch industry, 1750-1820

4th October - Here there be spiders: arachnophobia in early medieval texts

3rd October - The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940

21st-23rd September - The Modern Invention of Dynasty: A Global Intellectual History, 1500-2000

1st-2nd September - Tea with the Sphinx

1st-2nd September - Women's History Network Conference 2017

22nd August - BRIHC Scholars Symposium

6th July - Podcast: Roundtable: The UK terror attacks

5th-7th July - Modern British Studies Conference 2017: British Studies in a Broken World

30th June - The Late Medieval and Early Modern Reformation Church

7th June - Strategies for research dissemination

5th June - 'Tramps' Tales: Discovering the history of homelessness in Britain

4th June - What I found in a flea market in Cairo

22nd May - Playing by the rules? The importance of obedience in Spartan Society

20th May - The Faith of William Shakespeare

15th May - Unintended consequences or desired outcome? Soldiers' children and their role in policies of national rebirth

10th May - M3C Eighteenth-Century Research Workshop

8th May - On or about May 2017: Cultural histories in the here and now

29th April - Midlands Viking Symposium 2017

26th April - The Tramp's Tale: A Story of Soviet Border-Crossings, 1945-50

25th April - The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research Between History and Genomics

25th April - Strategy and peace-making in the Thirty Years War

24th April - Genomic Data and Longobard History

19th April - Shakespeare's Lost Domesticity and the Mulberries of New Place

29th March - Crusade in Europe: The 'Home Front' of Holy War in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centurie

22nd March - Relics and the Insular World, c.600-800

21st March - The Illuminators of the Middle English Poetic Tradition

21st March - 1917 Revisited

20th March - Confessions of a Courtesan: Print Culture in Colonial Lagos

16th March - Economic History and/as History of Economics: On Affinities, Old and New

16th March - The Mercian Minster: is there more to it?

15th March - Remapping Elizabethan Reality: The Perception Revolution

14th March - A Religious War?

13th March - The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World

8th March - Forum for Early Career Researchers

7th March - The Normans in Southern Italy: What the Salerno Ivories Tell Us

7th March - 100 Years of Shell Shock: Gone but not Forgotten

6th March - Home is Where the Heart is: British Jews, Diaspora, and the State of Israel

1st March - Cold Lazarus: John Donne at the Funerals of Sir William Cokayne

1st March - Co-operatives and Decolonisation: A Beautiful Friendship?

27th February - The donkey and the boat: rethinking Mediterranean economic expansion in the eleventh century [VIDEO RECORDING]

25th February - The Kingdom of Mercia: People, Places and Things in Anglo-Saxon England

23rd February - The Killing of Sister George

22nd February - Birmingham Teaching Fellows Session

21st February - Strategies of Parochial Management in Late Medieval England: Three Cambridgeshire Contrasts

21st February - War, Epidemics and Empire: British Military Medicine in the Middle East, 1914-18

16th February - Wedgwood's Development of Jasper Cameos and Birmingham Mounters

8th February - Beyond Empire's Ambit: Narcotic Drugs between Science and State Crime

8th February - The Making of a Puritan Mind

7th February - Bilingual Manuscripts from the Silk Road

6th February - Temporalization of cultural difference: Time regime and the perception of Indian statehood in early modern German discourse

6th February - Making Manhood, Making Science: Myths of identity in modern sport and exploration

1st February - Baubles of the Bourbons: The Fate of Royal Heritage in Nineteenth-Century France

31st January - The Emergence of Military History as a University Subject, 1872-1914

30th January - Bawdy Bridgnorth

26th January - Revolutions Past and Present: Their legacy and future

25th January - Acting amiss: towards a history of actorly craft and playhouse judgement

18th January - The Vanquished

11th January - Violence, Resilience and the 'Coolie' Identity: Life on the Ships to the Caribbean, 1834-1920

11th January - Voices of angels and men: religious identity and pilgrimage to the Mont Saint-Michel in 16th and 17th century France


14th December - A Tour through the Great Exhibition of 1851

8th December - Winter roundtable

8th December - Book launch: Birmingham 850

7th December - The floating university and the politics of knowing in America and the interwar world'

6th December - Lay Vernacular Literacy in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 'C' and the Vision of Leofric

30th November - Creating Counter-Archives: English Catholic collecting and conversation

29th November - Bodies at War: Visual and Material Cultures of Modern Conflict

28th November - Air power in the French empire: the armée de l'air in the Levant (1918-1940)

26th November - Birmingham History Day

23rd November - We Are the World: The End of Empire and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism

22nd November - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination

22nd November - British and Dominion Aerial Re-supply in the Great War 1916-18: A Learning Curve?

21st November - Mappa Mundi: Hereford's Curious Map

17th November - The Meanings of Black History

17th November - Bicentenary of James Watt at Birmingham Museums Trust

16th November - MCH BRIHC: Forests, Fields, and Peasant Revolution: The 'Green Cadres' and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire

15th November - The Evolution of the IRA Ambush 1919-1923: An Example of "The Learning Curve" in Guerrilla Warfare

9th November - CREMS Research Roundtable

8th November - Towards a historical materialist critique of ethnicity: Armenianness between the Caucasus and medieval new Rome

8th November - Decisions in the Desert, 1942

7th November - Warriors, Warlords and Saints: some themes in Mercian history

27th October - Artificial nations: disappeared states, post-colonial borders and methodological nationalism

26th October - Things, People, Stories – a cultural history of a Cathedral yard

25th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar

25th October - "Seafaring race" Theory: Colonial Naval Recruitment and Late British Imperialism

24th October - Making Sense of an Industrial Town: Birmingham: 'The City of a Thousand Trades'

19th October - BRIHC: Thinking through 'loss'

19th October - Objects, Rituals and Money: Everyday material cultures and the Prosecution of Spiritual Healing in the Anglo-Creole Caribbean

18th October - The materiality of writing in 3rd millennium BCE Mesopotamia

13th October - An Introduction to the Papers of James Watt and Family

12th October - Reading Rude Rhymes: Quick Wit, Epigrams, and Satirical Verse, 1660-1740

11th October - "All that Glitters" : Gender, value and exchange in Anglo-Saxon England

11th October - The Stronger Form of Warfare: the German Defence of the Western Front

8th October - Black Country History Day 2016

5th October - Making the Brazilian Northeast: A Region within the Nation and the World (1924-1968)

3rd October - Industrial Development of Ironbridge during the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

28th-30th September - Amiable Angelica: An American Aristocrat in Revolutionary London

27th September - Edwardian Nightmare: the Fear of Invasion and British Strategy, 1880-1914

23rd-24th September - Tea with the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt and the Modern Imagination

22nd September - Film screening: The Mummy (1932)

28th-29th July - James Watt symposium

29th June - Celebrating South Asian Music in the West Midlands

25th June - Green Britain - nationhood and the environment 1500-1750

20th-21st June - Seeking legitimacy: authority and expertise in modern Britain

18th June - Ovid's garden party

3rd June - Transformations of statehood in 20th-21st century Central Europe

2nd-3rd June - The global Middle East in the age of speed

27th May - Chernobyl 30 Years On

5th May - Arabic and Persian printing history and culture

27th April - The politics of the American army

19th April - Gender, violence, and the children born of war in Northern Uganda: new directions in research

22nd March - Looking for Jesus: Evidence for the Cult of the Holy Name in Late Medieval English Religious Manuscripts

22nd March - Elvis and the Atomic Battlefield: Military Change in the Cold War Army

18th March - Race, Prostitution and Cultural Studies: the post-war inner city through Janet Mendelsohn's "social eye".

18th March-3rd April - Memories of Now: Responses to the Janet Mendelsohn Archive

17th March - Living the Heritage of Conflict: Memory, Identity and Memorialisation

17th March - 'Deploying Culture and History in the Age of 'Asian Values': Material Debates on Heritage in Thailand and Elsewhere'

17th March - The Legacy of Guano

16th March - "formed on ye Gr. Language": Benjamin Stillingfleet reads Paradise Lost

15th March - The other Alpine Front: The Dolomites 1915-17

9th March - Religion, Conversion and Identity among the Armenians of Safavid Iran

8th March - Paper in the Medieval Literary Imagination

8th March - Jack Tar in foreign climes: sailors in the Empire, 1890-1914

7th March - Malthus and China

3rd March - From Mudros to Lausanne: British Policy in the Near East, Greece and Turkey, 1918-1923

2nd March - Rediscovering Cabot: the Bristol voyages of discovery, c.1470-1508

1st March - Deconstructing 'dynasty': lineage and ethnicity in the golden horde and central Europe

29th February - Hidden from History: the 'Making' of Gay History

24th February - Contested Icons: Poland, Chile, and the Global Politics of Human Rights in the mid-1980s

23rd February - Roger II of Sicily: King of Capua. Rethinking the Creation of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily

10th February - The printing of Andrew Marvell's Miscellaneous Poems (1681)

9th February - Tibetan identity, Buddhism and the Bonpos

9th February - The Minimalisation of Christianity under Early Islamic Rule

9th February - From the Constantinople agreement to San Remo: Middle East partition plans in their wartime context, 1915-1920

3rd February - The emergency episteme of the 'tribe' in Afghanistan, 1850-2015

2nd February - The military education of the army's junior officers 1902-1914

30th January - The social eye of Janet Mendelsohn

27th January - ISIS and the use and abuse of Early Islamic History

27th January-3rd April - Janet Mendelsohn: Varna Road

26th January - Afghanistan, South Asia and the Khilafat and Hijrat movements, 1914-1924

20th January - The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War

19th January - Kut 1916, the forgotten British disaster in Iraq


10th December - Centre for West Midlands History Christmas Social

7th December - Connecting people, place and things in Sir Hans Sloane's botanical collection

4th December - Disentangling the World: The Politics of Autarky after the First World War

2nd December - Assassination in Churches in Early Modern Europe

1st December - War studies seminar title TBC

25th November - Tamburlaine's Gold

24th November - Shock and Awe at Amiens, 8 August 1918: Disaster Reconsidered

21st November - Birmingham History Day

19th November - 'Inservi Deo et Laetare' (Serve God and be cheerful): the colourful history of the choral foundation at Lichfield Cathedral in the Georgian era

18th November - War as Adventure. The Experience of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War'

17th November - "A Whip to the Flagging Horse": The Royal Air Force, Bomber Command, Aircrew Fatigue and the Use of Benzedrine Sulphate during the Second World War

13th November - Automating Data Extraction from Chinese Texts

11th November - CREMS Introduction Session

11th November - An Old Warlord's Guide to World Peace and Love: Yan Xishan's Confucian Cosmopolitan International

10th November - CESMA Birmingham Postgraduates Panel

9th November - Avarice and Fraud: Later medieval merchants and debt

6th November - (Auto)-Mobility in the global Middle East: defining the field

5th November - Astley Castle: Three Queens of England, George Eliot and the Stirling Prize for Architecture

31st October - Death and the afterlife in the Middle Ages

31st October - Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages

28th October - The Invention of Happiness

21st October - The Global Transformation of Time 1870 – 1950

19th October - The Laurence Cadbury Collection at Selly Manor

17th October - Black Country History Day

14th October - Lay Vernacular Piety in the Court of Edward the Confessor: Anglo–Saxon Chronicle C and the Vision of Leofric

14th October - Godly Sorrow and the Protestant Imitatio Christi

14th October - Ecocritical Approaches in Medieval Studies: The Forest as a Symbolic Space

13th October - The Making of Edward Mead Earle's "Makers of Modern Strategy"

8th September - Special Event: Germany's Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context

26th July-23rd August - Byzantine Greek Summer School 2015

20th July - German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

14th July - Ways to Remember: The First World War through the lens of Florence Camm's war memorial windows

9th July - Picturing Balsall Heath

9th-12th July - Ghost Streets Of Balsall Heath

2nd-3rd July - Rethinking modern British studies conference

1st July - Professor Geoff Eley: "What Produces Democracy? Revolutionary Crises, Popular Politics, and Democratic Gains in Twentieth-Century Europe"

1st July - Professor Geoff Eley: "What Produces Democracy? Revolutionary Crises, Popular Politics, and Democratic Gains in Twentieth-Century Europe"

29th June - Making resources speak: themes and methods of the new materialism

12th June - From World History to World Literature: China, the South, and the Global 1960s

11th June - A Micro-Historical Approach to Global China: The Daily Life of Europeans in Beijing in the Long 18th Century

3rd June - Newman Brothers Coffin Works, Birmingham. An introduction to a newly opened heritage event

29th May - Wings of Modernity

28th May - The Origins and Transmission of Culture (OToC): An interdisciplinary approach

23rd May - Greece in Crisis: Culture and the Politics of Austerity

14th May - Glocalizing Medicine in the Canton/Hong Kong Region in Late Qing China (1840-1911)

12th May - Fortunes of war: the West Midlands at the time of Waterloo

6th May - Chinatowns and the Rise of China [video available]

29th April - The Birmingham Book Club, 1745 - 1900: an influential but little-known society at the heart of Birmingham life

28th April - Mons revisited

14th April - To the Bull Ring! Policing and the early Chartist Protests in Birmingham

14th April - To the Bull Ring! Policing and the early Chartist protests in Birmingham

25th March - Economic History as if People Mattered: A Workshop for Dr Francesca Carnevali

25th March - Modern and Contemporary History roundtable

24th March - Expanding the oeuvre and patronage of Ricardus Franciscus: the case of British Library MS Arundel 249

24th March - British tactics from WW1 to WW2 and beyond

23rd March - Commerce, civilization and Christianity: Sierra Leone company policy, c. 1791-1807

18th March - The transatlantic context of the Salem witch trials

18th March - Mrs Thatcher's peacock blue sari: ethnic minorities, electoral politics, and the Conservative Party, c.1951-1986

17th March - Lawrence of Arabia: the man, the myth and the movie

16th March - The Flood Pulse: The Social-Ecology of the 1931 Central China Flood

14th-15th March - The Beauty of Letters text, type and communication in the eighteenth century

11th March - Taming the imperial imagination: sentiment, 'science', and colonial knowledge on the northwest frontier of India, 1857-­1878

10th March - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages postgraduate session

10th March - "Privileged greatly to serve his nation in days of mortal danger": Sir Eric Geddes and logistics on the Western Front

10th March - Malcolm X and Marshall Street, Smethwick: 50 Years on

10th March - Malcolm X and Marshall Street, Smethwick: 50 years on

9th March - Museums and academe: from Maiden Castle to Thomas Hardy via Liverpool

7th March - The Midlands and the Great War

5th March - Living with the Dragon: a personal history of UK/China Relations

4th March - Shakespeare on the brink of freedom

4th March - Spotted throughout with red: Canadian state surveillance and the Women's Liberation Movement, 1969-1988

3rd March - The Evolution of a Fighting Force: Developments in British Infantry Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment 1914-15

25th February - China as the Measure of Eurasian Chronology

25th February - Modern contemporary history seminar

25th February - Arts and crafts children's books: Birmingham women illustrators

24th February - Theme: the Estoria de Espanna Project

24th February - I could not persuade myself it had been great fun: III Corps and the Advance to the Hindenburg Line, Spring 1917

23rd February - A cabinet of curiosities: Birmingham as the toy-shop of Europe

11th February - Defining loyalty, redefining reformation: understanding conflict from Scottish pulpits, 1638-1660

11th February - Modern and contemporary history seminar

10th February - Logistics revisited: reassessing the effects of the Allied anti-shipping campaign in the Mediterranean, 1940-44

10th February - Black Poppies - Britain's Black Community and the Great War

5th February - Film screening: Nowhere to call home, a Tibetian in Bejing

5th February - Living by the coast: economy, people and identity in a fourteenth-century coastal community

4th February - Strategic internationalism: mandates, minorities, and problem of non-states in interwar international law

3rd February - Combat wound care: 1915 versus 2015

29th January - Conservation and research of the Staffordshire Hoard

28th January - A Byrde of dyvers colors: a newly discovered Elizabethan romance in the Conway Papers

28th January - D-Day in Asia: Japan's Operation Ichigo in China of 1944

27th January - Family and faith: sensory experience and devotional memory in the Hours of Mary of Burgundy

27th January - "Evil, wild and scurrilous sows"? Soldiers in 16th and 17th century German culture, a reassessment

21st January - Viola Klein and the problem of married women's employment in post-war Britain

20th January - East or West? The false dilemma in German strategy, 1914-15

14th January - Language vs. Layout? Form and format in pre-periodical printed news translation

13th January - Breaking "the remarkable deadlock": British strategic options in 1915

13th January - Beyond Boulton: the archaeology of Birmingham's industries


11th December - Modelling the Middle Ages in grand strategy computer games

9th December - 'And he shall stand there all day with a rod': peasant farmers and their farm workers in thirteenth-century England

9th December - Ambulance Trains in the Great War: French Suggestions; British Solutions

9th December - Ecology and politics in pre-modern eastern Eurasia

8th December - The urban teenager: work, play and a final resting place

3rd December - War Artists Lecture Series

3rd December - 'A countrey life assists this study best': Robert Matthews and a new source for Katherine Philips

3rd December - Love in a box: Reflections on youth, texts and personhood in mid-20th century Egypt; and on the poetics of archive-making in the early 21st

2nd December - The Evolution of a Fighting Force: Developments in British Infantry Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment 1914-15

27th November - History and Cultures double seminar

26th November - War Artists Lecture Series

26th November - A case of goats mingling with sheep? The identification and employment of civilian experts in the British Army of the First World War

26th November - A basket of food: Greece in the 1940s

25th November - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Seminar

25th November - War, Christianity and National Identity in the British Armed Services, 1939-45

24th November - Voices from beyond the grave: how coroners' rolls can inform our understanding of Warwickshire life in the late Middle Ages

19th November - War Artists Lecture Series

19th November - Confessional Coexistence under Military Occupation in Seventeenth Century Germany

19th November - Forging a feminist internationalisation: the British Women's International League between the wars

18th November - The RAF in Ireland 1918-22

13th November - Second World War internment in America and Britain: experience and memory

12th November - The Mixed Inheritance of Empire: Don Chesworth, Multiculturalism and the British Left

11th November - The Simeon Manuscript and its Scribes

11th November - The Last Battle: Crossing the Sambre, November 1918

10th November - 'Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered' (Ella Fitzgerald): researching the poor law

8th November - History and Climate Change

5th November - The Midlands and the Great War

4th November - Bringing history to life

30th October - Stories and statistics: defining British anti-immigrationism 1955-1981

29th October - Chinese 'Illegalities' in Colonial Southeast Asia: Lessons from the Fin-de-Siècle Maritime World

29th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

28th October - Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages Annual Public Lecture

28th October - Afghanistan during the First World War

22nd October - The Global War: British Strategy 1914-16

21st October - GI Religion and Post-War Revival in the United States, 1940-55

18th October - Black Country History Day

18th October - Sleepwalking to war? Britain in 1914 and 1939

16th October - Atheism and race in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world

16th October - History in an hour

15th October - Global houses, global homes: mobility and migration in the long eighteenth century

14th October - Adapting to the Mobile Battlefield: Communications in the BEF during the Hundred Days, 1918

11th October - The YMCA goes to War: a day school

9th October - A causal nexus? Anti-Communism and the rise of the Nazis in Upper Franconia 1900-1933

8th October - Roundtable on Contemporary Global Environmental History

8th October - The 'Incorruptible Kodak': Photography, lantern slide lectures and cultures of colonial mission and humanitarianism in the Congo Reform Association 1904-1911

7th October - Archaeology and the natural environment

7th October - Developing Infantry Battalion Leadership in the BEF, 1916-18

7th October - Scotland and the British Army, 1707-1750

7th October - Ways to Remember: The First World War through the lens of Florence Camm's war memorial windows

7th-10th October - Marrying texts with material culture: The Balkh Art and Cultural Heritage Project

6th October - Empire, violence and the making of early colonial South Asia, c.1753-1817

1st-6th October - What is 'evil' in Paradise Lost?

24th September - Eyes on Central Asia

28th June - Cultural production in the early modern household

24th-25th June - Conference: Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 50 Years On

24th-25th June - The Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 50 years on

21st June - History and Climate change: What have we learnt?

21st June - Art production in the Jewellery Quarter: past and present

18th June - Challenges for early modern women's history

18th June - The contemporary restoration of Hagley Park

10th-29th June - Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies archival exhibition

2nd June - Coalbrookdale: an eighteenth-century landscape of philanthropy

2nd June-30th July - Back In the CCCS exhibition

30th May - The ethics of humanitarian intervention

29th May - Dialogues with the Dead: Egyptology in British culture and religion

23rd May - Sleepwalking to war? Britain in 1914 and 1939

22nd May-1st June - Hay Festival

20th May - The First World War: 100 Years on

19th May - A Rutland puzzle resolved: the county's petition in 1641

15th May - Harry Northwood: from Stourbridge to the USA

12th May - Ruinscape and slumscape: picturing history and violence in global East Asia

10th May-29th June - CCCS 50 years on exhibition

7th May - Compensating the Victims of the Birmingham

29th April - John Terraine Memorial Lecture

26th April - Midlands Viking Symposium

15th April - Elizabeth I and the "Monstrous Regiment" of Women in Tudor and Stuart England

14th April - BECC-Warwick workshop on Global Humanity

10th April - An important papier maché box presented by the manufacturer Henry Clay to the Birmingham Overseers of the Poor in 1784

1st April - First World War poetry event

26th March - The Limits of Solidarity: Europeanism, Anti-Colonialism and Socialism at the Congress of the Peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa in Puteaux, 1948

24th March - Coming to America: Rubery Owen, a Black Country Business and the Drive for Efficiency

21st March - Back to back and Up the Yard: Life and Death in Back-Street Birmingham, 1880 – 1960

21st March - The Handsworth Scroll: Radical Politics on the High Street

20th March - The Stuart Hall Project

20th March - What do we know about the Vikings now?

19th March - Title to be confirmed

19th March - Ban Polaris and Scrap the Force de Frappe: nationalism and internationalism in the first wave to ban-the-bomb in Britain

19th March - Re-visualising the Inglorious Dead: The Abandoned Enemy from the Great Holiday of World War One

19th March - The Birmingham Gun Trade - An Introduction

18th March - Ken Loach's 'Save the Children Fund Film'

18th March - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

17th March - Working with eighteenth-century museum collections

12th March - Photographs of atrocity: lantern slides and humanitarian campaigns in the Belgian Congo in the early 20th century

11th March - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

11th March - Disgracing the Raj: white and mixed race prostitution in Colonial India

10th March - I could have guessed it was full of water, can I have my money back": Town and Castle ditches from the Midlands – why it is worth doing the environmental archaeology

5th March - 'Begun at Westminster and ended at Wirksworth' : hearing sermons in town and country in the 1640s

5th March - Economy and Colonial History: German Togo and the Cotton Project

4th March - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

3rd March - A Painful Legacy: Martin Luther and the Jews

26th February - Matter matters: outlines of a historiographic provocation

24th February - Manuscript Books for Medieval Midlands Readers

24th February - Jewish Survival in early-modern Catholic Europe: Inquisition, Ghettoisation and Community

20th February - Joseph Wright of Derby: the Philosopher's Painter

19th February - Commemoration & conflict workshop - 'challenges for HE practitioners in history, area studies & philosophical and religious studies

19th February - Introduction to postgraduate programmes in the Department of History

19th February - College of Arts and Law Postgraduate Study Events

12th February - Birmingham Centre for Modern and Contemporary History Annual Lecture

11th February - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

11th February - The British State: Past, Present, and Future

10th February - 'Creating an Early Colonial Order - From Corruption to Waste in Late Eighteenth-Century South Asia

10th February - Transport and fuel in the West Midlands in the late 17th century: Andrew Yarranton and the Stour Navigation

5th February - The global struggle for rubber in WWII

4th February - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

29th January - Rochester at Rhyme

29th January - China Trans Formed: How Sex Changed from Colonial to Sinophone Modernity

28th January - Birmingham Great War Centenary Lecture Series: Roads to War

27th January - Climate Change, Warfare and Ecocide in the Early Fourteenth-century British Isles

22nd January - South Africa, 1960-1: from 'Wind of Change' to armed struggle

21st January - Inter-theatre Learning in the British army of the First World War

20th January - Postgraduate panel on eighteenth-century art history

15th January - "How happy's the state where no discords are breeding": Harmony and the Politopop of later seventeenth-century England

15th January - Water, Sovereignty and Global Science: The Grand Canal Project in China, 1910s-1930s

14th January - Fishing, ploughing and pesky pirates: people, power and personalities in a coastal manor ca.1270-1350


12th December - Medieval Representations and Clerical Masculinities: Between Cultural and Gender History

11th December - Modern and Contemporary History seminar Title TBA

10th December - John Baskerville and the power of print

9th December - Beauty and the eye of the beholder: Jewish caricature and Christian devotions in the later twelfth century

7th December - Workshop: perfecting your PhD application

4th December - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

4th December - Will-making on the deathbed in Stratford-upon-Avon, c. 1540 – 1640

4th December - 'Wales England Wed'? English-Welsh hybridity in the two world wars

3rd December - The BEF on 29 September, 1918

2nd December - Dante and the Performative

2nd December - CeSMA Annual Lecture 2013

28th November - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

27th November - Cities of vice: red light districts in Asian ports

26th November - "Soldiers of Christ arise": Religious Nationalism in the East Midlands during World War I

25th November - 'It's all a Gas': the development and provision of household technology in the Black Country 1800-1939

25th November - Heresy, orthodoxy and the Codex Amiatinus Christ in Majesty

23rd November - Birmingham History Day

20th November - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

20th November - Editing as a Critical Act: Reading The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick

20th November - Theft on the trains: cheminot behaviours in wartime

19th November - The British Army and the Learning Curve, 1793-1815

18th November - The Fourteenth Century in Zooarchaeological Perspective

14th November - The Military Implications of Tudor Rebellions, 1536-1554

13th November - Saving the remnant or building a Soviet state? The dilemmas of international humanitarian intervention in early Soviet Armenia

12th November - Foxhole Faith and the Religion of the GI in World War II

12th November - The Napoleon of the Caucus' the career of Francix Schnadhorst, Britain's first professional political organiser

11th November - The Staffordshire Hoard: An Insider's View

1st November - History and Cultures Workshop Film Group

30th October - Humanitarianism and humdrum internationalism: British society at the end of

30th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

29th October - Scouting for Brigands: Tank Corps Intelligence, 1916-1918

28th October - 'It is generally thought that a city garden is an impossibility': exploring urban garden provision in five nineteenth-century English towns

26th October - Bosworth: the Birth of the Tudors

25th October - Birmingham, the Great Working City [video stream available]

25th October - Talking Brummie: The Vernon Manuscript

24th October - Britain and the Balkans: war, peace and 'the strange death of Liberal England', c. 1900-1925

23rd October - Thinking queer/Rethinking the interwar

22nd October - Back with the mates I left behind: a frontline medical officer from Passchendaele to allied victory

22nd October - The World's First Expeditionary Air Force? The RFC in 1914

19th October - Black Country History Day

16th October - "Sua Sall You Tak New Troy": A New Sonnet and Jacobean Literary Culture Before 1603

16th October - 'Self-extermination or self-determination': the (re-)construction of east central Europe, 1917–23

15th October - Officer Education at Sandhurst and Woolwich 1902-1914

14th October - Nineteenth century prison provision for juveniles in Birmingham

9th October - 'Truth be told': some problems with historical revisionism in Kenya

8th October - The Combat Soldier

2nd October - Secrets and spies: transgressing boundaries in sixteenth-century

2nd October - World in motion: professional circuits through 19th-century China

30th September - Primary Sources for Local and Regional History held in Special Collections

6th July - Day School in Honour of Dr Bob Bushaway

28th-29th June - New Times Revisited? Examining Society, Culture and Politics in the Long 1980s

26th-28th June - Sin and Salvation in Reformation England

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

22nd June - War Studies Summer Day School

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

18th June - Ecology Politics in Pre-modern Eastern Eurasia

29th May - Collecting cultures: the eighteenth century

23rd-24th May - Birth, sex and death: rites of passage in the medieval and early modern world

20th May - Creating a medieval history gallery

2nd May - Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane? Life After the PhD

30th April - The John Terraine Lecture: John Terraine and the Naval History of the First World War

30th April - Birmingham Centre for Modern & Contemporary History annual lecture

30th April - The origins of Anglo Jewry in Birmingham

25th April - Margaret Thatcher in modern British history

20th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

19th March - The Chiricahua Apache Warrior 1860-1886

19th March - The life and times of William Hutton: Birmingham's first historian 1723-1815

18th March - 'It's all a Gas': the development and provision of household technology in the Black Country 1800-1939

14th March - The Invention and Oblivion of the Holy Lance of Antioch

13th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

12th March - 'Sir Henry Rawlinson: A Reassessment'

12th March - Birmingham and Beyond seminar series

11th March - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century Centre Seminar Series at Special Collections: Eighteenth-Century Collections

5th March - 'The BEF on 29 September 1918'

4th March - The place of the dead: territory and identity in the early modern landscape

2nd March - War Studies Spring Day School

1st March - Imperial Humanitarianism

27th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

26th February - 'A Case Study of the British Campaign Against the Blockade of Germany and Austria, 1918-1919'

20th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

19th February - 'Bloody Meadows: Investigating Battlefields as Landscapes'

18th February - Accomplished ladies or professional women? Women in art and design in Birmingham in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

6th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

5th February - 'The Men Who Planned the War: The Staff of the British Army on the Western Front 1914-18'

4th February - The Bull Ring, an iconic Birmingham landmark: the popularity of 19th century topographical views

30th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

29th January - 'Religion and the Vietnam War'

24th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

22nd January - 'True to their Salt? Partnering Auxiliary Forces, Then and Now'

21st January - Brilliant with all colours: Vesuvius and the evolution of it's image

16th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

16th January - Online chat: College of Arts and Law Scholarships 2013

15th January - 'Zeppelins over the Black Country: 1916'

9th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

7th January - Deserted villages visited - new interdisciplinary approaches


12th December - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

5th December - CESMA Research Seminar

5th December - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

4th December - War Studies Seminar

30th November - The end of the Ottoman Empire as twentieth-century history

28th November - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

28th November - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar

27th November - War Studies Seminar

24th November - Birmingham History Day 2012

24th November - First World War Autumn Day School

21st November - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

20th November - War Studies Seminar

17th November - Re-engaging with the First World War - War Studies

16th November - New Research in Military History

14th November - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar

14th November - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

13th November - War Studies Seminar

13th November - War Studies Seminar

13th November - Birmingham and Beyond research seminar

7th November - CESMA Research Seminar

7th November - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

7th November - Launch of the Baskerville Society

6th November - War Studies Seminar

25th October - Friends of the Centre for West Midlands Research Seminar

24th October - CESMA Research Seminar

24th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

24th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

23rd October - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

23rd October - War Studies Seminar

19th October - Global History at Birmingham

17th October - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

17th October - Eric Hopkins Memorial Lecture

16th October - War Studies Seminar

13th October - Black Country History Day 2012

10th October - Birmingham Modern & Contemporary History seminar

10th October - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar

9th October - CESMA Research Seminar

9th October - War Studies Seminar

6th October - Midlands Maidens: Women in the Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth Century

3rd October - The Crisis in Syria - a Birmingham Round Table

2nd October - War Studies Seminar

26th September - Early Modern Literature, Culture, and Society seminar

14th September - Revisiting Churchill's Army: New Directions in the Study of the British Army in the Second World War

3rd-5th August - Command, Control and Communications: The British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front 1914-1918

23rd June - Summer Day School 2012: The Military Lessons of the Great war 1918-1940

23rd June - The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: Past Present and Future

23rd June - The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: Past Present and Future

9th June - New Directions in Catholic Reformation Research

1st June - Continuity & Rupture with the Habsburg Regime, 1914–Today

28th May - Book Collecting in the Eighteenth-Century

17th May - Eighteenth Century Clubs and Societies

16th May - Birmingham Centre for Modern and Contemporary History Annual Lecture

14th May - CeSMA Annual Public Lecture

30th March-1st April - The Emergence of the West Midlands: Culture, Communities and Change 1779-1918

30th March-1st April - The Emergence of the West Midlands: Culture, Communities and Change 1779-1918

21st March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

14th March - Applicant Visit Day

12th March - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century seminars

7th March - Applicant Visit Day

3rd March - War Studies Spring Day School

3rd March - War Studies Spring Day School

29th February - Early Modern Literature, Culture and Society seminar

22nd February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

20th February - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century seminars

8th February - Applicant Visit Day

7th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

30th January - Applicant Visit Day