AHRC Networking Grant success: investigating humanitarianism

Professor Matthew Hilton has received an ARHC Networking Grant to investigate humanitarianism

From the actions of nineteenth century missionaries and colonial officials to the recent food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, non-state humanitarianism has become one of the defining characteristics of international action. This network will investigate humanitarianism’s past and the uses of that past in a pan European framework wile also combining it with alternative perspectives of humanitarianism from the global south. 

The network will bring together participants from across the UK and Europe in a series of discussion groups, online activities and a number of two day workshops. The workshops will be held here at the University of Birmingham, University College Dublin and ZZF Potsdam.  With a final workshop held in Manchester, being a joint meeting via web conferencing between the participants at the TATA Institute of Social Science, Mumbai and the HCRI.

The findings of this final workshop will inform an article outlining a clear research agenda for humanitarian history to be published along with an edited volume of papers based on selected workshop presentations. This should provide a strong foundation for the networks activities beyond the project and be the basis of stronger ties between the academic and practical worlds of the NGO sector.