Mike Snape on 'The Big Question'

Screenshot of Dr Mike Snape on the BBC
Dr Mike Snape recently participated in a special edition of The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell from Goldsmiths College in London asking, did World War 1 change Britain for the better?

Participants in the debate include author of 'Great Britain's Great War' Jeremy Paxman, Professor of History of War at Oxford Sir Hew Strachan, Professor David Stevenson from the LSE and author of '1914-1918: The History of the First World War', Chris Nineham from the campaign 'No Glory in War', cultural historian Professor Maggie Andrews from the University of Worcester, writer Bonnie Greer, Professor Saul David, author of '100 Days to Victory: How the Great War was Fought and Won', Dr Mike Snape from the Centre for War Studies at the University of Birmingham, journalist and historian Dr Tim Stanley and Frank Ledwidge, barrister, former military officer and writer of Investment in Blood.

The programme was shown on 18 May 2014.