Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Masculinity, Contraception and the Politics of the Everyday in Britain, 1967-1997
Supervisor: Professor Matt Houlbrook and Dr Chris Moores 
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  • BA History, First Class Honours – University of Sussex
  • 2015 MA Modern British Studies, Distinction – University of Birmingham, 2016


My research interests centre primarily on sexualities and gender in modern Britain, but I am also interested in public health (in particular related to sexual and reproductive health), emotion, selfhood and subjectivity. My thesis is primarily an oral history of contraceptive practice and sexual decision-making in contemporary Britain 1967-1997, with a specific focus on men and masculinities. By analysing men’s oral testimony my project aims to understand experience and memory in relation to contraceptive decision-making  - including decisions regarding sexual health - in an era that has previously been termed the “post-pill paradise”.