Lance Pursey

Lance Pursey

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Urban-rural-pastoral identities and elite culture in 10th to 12th century Northeast Asia
Supervisor: Professor Naomi Standen
PhD History


My research investigates what it meant to ‘urban’ in the 10th to 12th century Northeast Asia. I am part of the AHRC Research Project ‘Understanding cities in the premodern history of Northeast China, c. 200-1200’. I am working towards a methodology that combines historical and archaeological sources, this currently involves mapping Liao dynasty archaeological sites and comparing them with textual data found in historiographical and epigraphic material.

My BA was in Chinese studies with Japanese at the University of Sheffield, and my MA was in Daoist Studies at Sichuan University in the PRC. My general research interests include: Kitan studies, Medieval Chinese religion, National Identities in Asian History, Landscape Archaeology, Northeast Asian Archaeology, Prosopography and Chinese Historiography.