Zoe Screti

Zoe Screti

Department of History
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: The impact of theological and philosophical developments on the study, practice, and perception of alchemy in England, 1450-1640
SupervisorDr Jonathan Willis and Dr Margaret Small
PhD History


BA History (1:1), MA Early Modern History (Distinction)


Having undertaken my BA and MA at Birmingham, I began my PhD in 2018. My primary research interest is alchemy in Early Modern England but I have further interests in disability in Early Modern England, my undergraduate and MA theses being centred on court fools and the experiences of the intellectually disabled in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England. Aside from my studies, I have organized a number of conferences, notably the CREMS Annual Conference (2018) and EMREM’s Annual Symposiums (2018, 2019, 2020). I have also undertaken work as both a student ambassador and a student rep and am currently working as the CREMS Communications Administrator.


Seminar tutor:
Reformation, Rebellion, and Revolution: The Making of the Modern World, 1500-1800


My research questions the impact of theological and philosophical developments in Early Modern England on the study, practice, and perception of alchemy. It primarily considers changes generated by the Reformation and seeks to demonstrate that alchemy was not a static discipline but one that was ever changing throughout the Early Modern period in reflection of the theological and philosophical developments occurring at the time

Other activities

Membership of Organisations

  • EMREM Committee Member
  • Postgraduate Member of the Royal Historical Society
  • Editor of the Midlands Historical Review

Research Papers Given

‘A Window into the Past: Alchemy in St Margaret’s Church, Westminster’ at EMREM Annual Symposium: Powerful Places (May 2019)

‘Alchemy in England 1550-1640: A Network Analysis’ at Swansea MEMO Symposium by the Sea: Magic, Alchemy, and Cosmology (June 2019)

Conferences Organised

EMREM Annual Symposium: Truth, Lies, and Deception in the Medieval and Early Modern World (May 2018)

CREMS Annual Postgraduate Conference: Fantastic Beasts- The Beast Within. The Beast Without. The Beast Beyond (July 2018)

EMREM Annual Symposium: Powerful Places (May 2019)

Job Roles

CREMS Communications Administrator

Student REP, 1st Year PhD Students (2018-19)

Postgraduate Student Ambassador


Zoe Screti, ‘A Motley to the View: The Clothing of Court Fools in Tudor England’, Midlands Historical Review, 2 (August, 2018)