Research Centres in History

The Department of History includes a number of research clusters, many with an international reputation, spanning a wide variety of topics.

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Birmingham Centre for Modern and Contemporary History

The Centre is the principal focus for research at Birmingham on the history of Britain, Europe and the wider world since WW1.  Drawing together inter-disciplinary expertise it provides an intellectual forum for academic staff and postgraduates working within the field, and provides a base for research both for its members and in collaboration with other institutions.  

Birmingham Eighteenth Century Centre

The Eighteenth-Century Centre has been set up to bring together individuals and groups, staff and postgraduates in different departments and Schools who share a common interest in the eighteenth century. It is deliberately interdisciplinary, and international in focus.

Centre for Modern British Studies

Modern British Studies at Birmingham aims to provide new ways of thinking about the transformation of British society, culture, politics and economy from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies

The chief function of the Centre is to facilitate scholarly research into the Reformation and Early Modern period. The Centre aims to become a focus for conferences and other national and international research events in the field. In addition, it will seek to provide an operating base for research projects, whether small-scale collaborative projects between members of the Centre or larger-scale projects with other institutions.

Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages (CeSMA)

The Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages (CeSMA) facilitates academic research into the Middle Ages, from c.300 to c.1500 AD, which cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries and unites historians, archaeologists, literary scholars, linguists, and other scholars and students who study medieval societies and cultures. The Centre is a focus for conferences and other national and international research events. It co-ordinates research projects which involve collaboration between members of the Centre and with other UK and international partners.

Centre for War Studies

The Centre's aim is to provide an intellectual and social focus for a community of academic staff, graduate students and for lay persons interested in the history of warfare through the ages. The Centre is an amalgamation of the highly prestigious and well-regarded Centres for First World War Studies and Second World War Studies. The two world wars remain key areas of research and teaching interest and have been complemented by research areas including Air Power, Colonial History, History of Religion and wider aspects of conflict and security including social, cultural and political consequences of war. The Centre has a strong commitment in developing links with organisations and universities in other countries and offers a regular programme of seminars and other events.

Centre for West Midlands History

The Centre aims to create a forum for the study of the history of Birmingham and the Midlands. Seminars, roundtables, day conferences, an MA and the journal Midland History provide historians and enthusiasts with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and exchange ideas on the history of this region.