Modern and Contemporary History seminar

Spring 2013

9 January
An unlimited partnership: marrying business and family in early 19th-century England.
Andrew Popp (Liverpool)

16 January
Filthy little girls: women and public space in Northern Ireland during the Second World War
Leanne McCormick (Ulster)

24 January
Dr. McGrew’s blues: a story of Japan’s nascent globalization, 1885
Martin Dusinberre (Newcastle)
NB—This seminar will take place on Thursday in the Rodney Hilton Library at 5pm

30 January
The rule of fear: state violence in colonial Kenya, 1952–55
David Anderson (Warwick)
Joint event with CWAS

6 February
The risk of history: selling modern heritage in corporate Japan
Chris Gerteis (SOAS)

13 February
Reading week, no seminar

20 February
Disasters and markets: the economic impact of Japan's Great Kanto Earthquake of September 1923
Janet Hunter (LSE)

27 February
Inching towards the metre: commerce and metrology in 19th-century Britain
Aashish Velkar (Manchester) 

6 March
Reckoning with the Great War: remembering the Sarajevo assassination
Paul Miller (Birmingham) 

13 March
How women’s rights became human rights: rethinking histories of gender and state socialism in postwar Europe
Celia Donert (Liverpool) 

20 March
Putting refugees in their place: population displacement and the doctrine of ‘rehabilitation’ in the 20th century
Peter Gatrell (Manchester)



Seminars take place in the Rodney Hilton Library at 4.15pm each Wednesday in term, unless otherwise indicated (in bold). Drinks and nibbles will be served.


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