Staff research supervision: early modern history

Staff in the Department of History who supervise PhD/MA by Research in the area of early modern history.

Professor Richard Cust

Professor of Early Modern History

Political and cultural history of late sixteenth and early seventeenth century England

Dr Tom Cutterham

Dr Tom Cutterham

Lecturer in United States History

Power, politics, and ideas in Revolutionary America; commerce and finance in the Atlantic world.

Dr Elaine Fulton

Dr Elaine Fulton

Reader in History Teaching (Higher Education)
Head of Department of History
Deputy Director of Education, College of Arts and Law

Early-modern Catholic reform, early-modern politics, man and environment in early-modern Europe

Dr Tara Hamling

Dr Tara Hamling

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

Visual and material culture of early modern Britain, post-Reformation religious and cultural practices.

Professor Karen Harvey

Professor Karen Harvey

Professorial Fellow and Professor of Cultural History

I am a British historian working on the long eighteenth century, with particular interests in gender, the body, material culture and public history.

Dr Noah Millstone

Birmingham Fellow

Political, religious, intellectual and cultural history of early modern Europe.

Dr Manu Sehgal

Lecturer in South Asian History

Modern and contemporary history of South Asia and the political and social history of the British Empire.

Dr Margaret Small

Lecturer in Europe and the Wider World

Early modern history with a focus on European exploration and colonisation in the sixteenth century.

Dr Jonathan Willis

Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History

The English reformation, history and theology of late-medieval and early modern Europe.

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