Staff research: global history

Staff in the Department of History with a research interest in the area of global history.

Dr Arezou Azad

Dr Arezou Azad

Lecturer in Medieval History
Chair, Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages

Medieval Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran, with a particular interest in cities, religious practices, social diversity and historiography

Dr Courtney J. Campbell

Dr Courtney J. Campbell

Lecturer in Latin American History

I am an historian of Latin America. My research focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Brazilian cultural and social history. My current research interests are regional identity, race and representation, gender and representation, transnational consumer culture, popular culture movements, movement and migration, language-based movements, and spatial understandings of regional culture.

Dr Nathan Cardon

Dr Nathan Cardon

Lecturer in United States History
Co-Director of American and Canadian Studies

19th and early 20th century United States history,  race and empire in foreign and domestic space

Dr Tom Cutterham

Lecturer in United States History

Power, politics, and ideas in Revolutionary America; commerce and finance in the Atlantic world.

Dr David Gange

Dr David Gange

Senior Lecturer in History

Cultural history of nineteenth and twentieth-century Britain.

Dr Simon Jackson

Dr Simon Jackson

Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History
Director, Centre for Modern and Contemporary History

Colonial, international and global history of the modern Middle East and the Mediterranean in the twentieth century.

Professor Sabine Lee

Professor in Modern History
Head of School of History and Cultures

British-German relations since 1945, European integration, international relations, the cold war, children and war.

Dr Mo Moulton

Dr Mo Moulton

Lecturer in the history of race and empire

Political and social history of 20th century Britain, Ireland, and empire.

Dr Sadiah Qureshi

Senior Lecturer in Modern History

Cultural and social historian of race, science and empire in the modern world.

Professor Corey Ross

Professor of Modern History

Global environmental history and modern European social and cultural history

Dr Lucie Ryzova

Dr Lucie Ryzova

Lecturer in Middle East History

Social and cultural historian of modern Egypt, Egyptian popular culture and vernacular modernity.

Dr Manu Sehgal

Lecturer in South Asian History

Modern and contemporary history of South Asia and the political and social history of the British Empire.

Dr Margaret Small

Lecturer in Europe and the Wider World

Early modern history with a focus on European exploration and colonisation in the sixteenth century.

Professor Naomi Standen

Professor of Medieval History

Pre-modern China, comparative, world and global history, borders, cross-cultural interaction, politics and society.

Dr Frank Uekotter

Dr Frank Uekotter

Reader in Environmental Humanities

Environmental issues, both historical and current.

Dr Simon Yarrow

Dr Simon Yarrow

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

Religion and society in the early and central middle ages, religious and political culture, gender and identity.

Dr Shirley Ye

Lecturer in Asian History

Modern China, environmental history, cities, science and technology, frontier and transnational history, gender.

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