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17th October - Creative Cities Through Design Thinking: Taiwan's Cultural Heritage as a Point of Departure

10th October - Title to be confirmed

10th October - Title to be confirmed

7th-10th October - Communicating World Heritage

5th October - Title to be confirmed

28th September - Constructing an ontology of the historic battlefield (or, some of what we did on our holiday)

18th September - The making of post/colonial heritage

6th-10th July - Bridge: An International Conference and Call for Papers

27th June - The Destruction of Memory: a cross-disciplinary event

7th June - Strategies for research dissemination

6th-10th April - Heritages of Migration: International Conference and Call for Papers

23rd March - Historical Re-evaluation in central European capital cities

16th March - The Multi-vocal Narratives of World Cultural Heritage in China: on West Lake Landscape in Hangzhou

9th March - World Heritage and Local Communities

2nd March - Religious Heritage of Bangkok: Uses and Survival in Urban Context

23rd February - A Pile of Wet Bricks: Communicating Ironbridge's Industrial World Heritage

17th-18th February - Understanding Material Loss

9th February - Commercialization of hospitality in Mekong Delta homestay, Vietnam

7th February - Urban heritage and local identities in Mexico City

2nd February - Entrepreneurship in Cultural Heritage Workshop

2nd February - Possible futures for cultural heritage: national, global, public, private, commercial

26th January - Acting Locally, Thinking Globally: How are World Heritage values communicated within the learning process

19th January - Discovery, loss and rebuilding: constructing a national identity for Lithuania