Willem Derde

Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage
Visiting Research Associate
Director of Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation, Belgium

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Willem Derde’s research interests are on heritage interpretation with a special focus on the cultural differences between Europe and Asia. The recent shift towards a more community oriented approach to heritage has taken place in the context of major economic, political and social changes on a global scale. However, it has become clear that the focus on communal perspectives when dealing with heritage forces us to rethink the generally accepted intellectual framework that is guiding our work and that has its roots in the history of the West. The major challenge, therefore, is to cope with heritage from a cross-cultural perspective. His recent publications include “Heritage and its cultural boundaries: challenging the western paradigm by means of the example of China” in R. Amoêda, S. Lira, & C. Pinheiro (eds.) Heritage 2010: Heritage and Sustainable Development (2010); “Interpreting the past, presenting history: lessons from Ename and Han Yangling” in Han-Pisa Archaeological Museums and in situ Conservation. (2009); and Interpreting the Past Volume III: Memory and Identity: On the Role of Heritage in Modern Society with N.Silberman, C. Liuzza and S. Copping (eds) (2006).