The books featured here are authored or edited by members of the Institute and our partners. They cover a broad variety of heritage topics and are a valuable investment for any heritage student or researcher.

New! John Carman (2013) Archaeologies of Conflict,

Duckworth Debates in Archaeology, ISBN 1849668880

front cover of book archaeologies of conflictDr John Carmen is a senior lecturer at the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage. John has carried out much work in the field of conflict archaeology and his new book introduces some of the issues surrounding it to a new audience.

This well-referenced overview of the current state of Conflict Archaeology offers students a useful introduction to the field and practitioners a critique that points the way towards fuller integration and a capacity to make a significant contributions to other fields of enquiry. The emerging specialist field of Conflict Archaeology is divided into closed communities of pre-historians, historical archaeologists and archaeologists of the contemporary past who do not interact to any large extent. In response, this book encourages proponents and practitioners of Conflict Archaeology in all periods to consider what it is for and how to develop it in the future as a unified field. While praising its achievements so far, the book also sets out an agenda for the development of Conflict Archaeology as a truly international field that can contribute to contemporary debates on violence and war, and as a field that has something to say about the nature of human violence to those in other relevant fields – including anthropology, military history and sociology, strategic studies, and heritage.

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book cover for tourisme et patrimoineMaria Gravari-Barbas, Laurent Bourdeau and Mike Robinson:

Tourisme et Patrimoine Mondial

Presses de l’université Laval (2012)

ISBN 92763797588

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front cover for book emotion in motionDavid Picard and Mike Robinson

Emotion in Motion, New Directions in Tourism Analysis

Ashgate (2012)

ISBN 1409421333

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book cover for the oxford handbook of public archaeologyRobin Skeates, Carol McDavid and John Carman (eds)

The Oxford Handbook of Public Archaeology

Oxford University Press (2012)

ISBN 0199237824

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 front cover for the book The framed worldMike Robinson and David Picard (eds)

The Framed World, New Directions in Tourism Analysis

Ashgate (2009)

ISBN 0754673685

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front cover of sage tourism studiesTazim Jamal and Mike Robinson (eds)

The SAGE Tourism Studies Handbook


ISBN 1446208753

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front cover of heritage studies: methods and approachesMarie Louise Sørensen and John Carman (eds)

Heritage Studies: Methods and Approaches

Routledge (2009)

ISBN 0415431859

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front cover of Britannia PrimaRoger White

Britannia Prima

Tempus (2007)

ISBN 0752419676

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front cover of cultural tourism in a changing worldMelanie Smith and Mike Robinson (eds)

Cultural Tourism in a Changing World: Politics, Participation and (re)presentation, Tourism and Cultural Change

Channel View Publications (2006)

ISBN 1845410432

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Books from our partners

  front cover of the book contested cultural heritage
Helaine Silverman (ed)

Contested Cultural Heritage: Religion, Nationalism, Erasure and Exclusion in a Global World

Springer (2011)

ISBN 1441973044

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  front cover of the book Monumentalités-urbaines-aux-XIXe-et-XXe-siècles

Maria Gravari-Barbas and Ioana Iosa

Monumentalité(s) urbaine(s) aux XIXe et XXe siècles: Sens, formes et enjeux urbains

L'Harmattan (2011)

ISBN 978-2296553279

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  front cover of the book intangible heritage embodied

Helaine Silverman and D. Fairchilds Ruggles (eds)

Intangible Heritage Embodied

Springer (2009)

ISBN 1441900713

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front cover of the book cultural heritage and human rights

Helaine Silverman and D. Fairchilds Ruggles (eds)

Cultural Heritage and Human Rights

Springer (2008)

ISBN 9780387765794

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 front cover of the book cultural heritage management in china

Hilary du Cros and Yok-shiu F. Lee (eds)

Cultural Heritage Management in China: Preserving the Cities of the Pearl River Delta

Routledge (2007)

ISBN 978-0415666428

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