Imagined and Mediated Pasts

Within and beyond the frameworks of personal, collective and social memory, heritage, in both its tangible and intangible forms, is a prompt for recollection, reflection and also discovery, connecting us not only with our own pasts but those of others.

a lady taking a picture of a photographic display at the hagia sophia in istanbul, turkey

Heritage is a focal point for the imagination and is itself reproduced, mediated, implicated and positioned in many textual forms. We encounter the past through various imaginaries which generate their own truths and distortions – in the films we watch and the books we read – which in turn can enter the realm of popular cultural heritage. We also seek to find ways to make sense of heritage and the pasts it represents. How to imagine, interpret, re-interpret and communicate the past to a vast range of audiences, through texts, images and technologies, presents an extensive agenda for research.