Listed below are some websites that may be useful for students and researchers in the field of cultural heritage. If you would like to link to your organisation to be added please contact us.


TICCIH logoThe International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage - Its aim is to study, protect, conserve and explain the remains of industrialisation

Logo of the United Nations Education, Cultural and Scientific Organisation

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation – Its aim is to promote peace and support the work of the UN through creating dialogue among civilisations, cultures and people.


UNESCO World Heritage Centre Logo

The World Heritage Centre aims to protect and conserve cultural and natural heritage sites that are consider to be of universal significance and value.



World heritage in young hands education programme logo

World Heritage in Young Hands Education Programme




image representing national cultural heritage lawsUNESCO database of National Cultural Heritage Laws


Organisation of world heritage cities logo

The Organisation of World Heritage Cities was created to encourage co-operation and sharing of resources and knowledge between world heritage cities.



logo for the Norwegian world heritage foundationThe Nordic World Heritage Foundation is a category II centre, working under the auspices of UNESCO, supporting the implementation of UNESCO's World Heritage Convention (1972) 

International council of museums logo


The International Council of Museum – an international organisation for museum professionals that responds to the challenges faced by museums world wide.



Logo for the international council of monuments and sitesInternational Council on Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places. It is the only global non-government organisation of this kind, which is dedicated to promoting the application of theory,  methodology, and scientific techniques to the conservation of the architectural and archaeological heritage.

logo for the icomos open archive websiteICOMOS’ global archive on conservation and restoration of monuments, sites and landscapes

Iccrom logoThe International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property - ICCROM aims at improving the quality of conservation practice as well as raising awareness about the importance of preserving cultural heritage.


asian europe foundation logo

The Asian-Europe Foundation – ASEF are a point for intellectual and cultural interactions between Asia and Europe.




 culture 360 logo

Culture 360 operates as a part of ASEF that stimulates cultural engagement between Asia and Europe


asia europe museum network logoASEMUS is the Asia -Europe Museum Network set up to promote mutual understanding between the peoples of Asia and Europe through collaborative museum-based cultural activity


logo for the getty instituteThe Getty Research Institute – dedicated to furthering knowledge and advancing understanding of the visual arts and their various histories through its expertise, active collecting program, public programs, institutional collaborations, exhibitions, publications, digital services, and residential scholars programs.


global museum website logo

Global museum provides a wealth of resources for the museum and heritage sector, from jobs to news stories to practical guidelines for those working in museums.




culture link website headerCulture link is a network for research and co-operation in Cultural Development and provides a great many very useful resources across a variety of themes.


Logo of the World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Organisation is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism.


international association of world heritage professionals logo
The International Association of World Heritage Professionals is a network for all those involved in world heritage sites.


hidden europe magazine cover

Hidden Europe is an online and printed magazine that focuses on culture and community in Europe



european routes of industrial heritage logoThe European Route of Industrial Heritage – The ERIH maps industrial heritage across Europe, building a route along which you can discover Europe’s industrial heritage.


culture-action-europe-logoCulture Action Europe is an advocacy and lobby organisation that promotes arts and culture as a building block of Europe. Their website includes analysis and discussion of various cultural policies and the impact of culture.


European Federation of Associations of associations of industrial and technical heritage logo

European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage- E-FAITH is a platform promoting contacts and co-operation between volunteers and non profit volunteer associations in Europe. 


Net heritage logoNET-HERITAGE (European Network on Research Programme Applied to the Protection of Tangible Cultural Heritage) is the first significant initiative which has set out to coordinate national RTD programmes and support European programmes in research applied to the protection of tangible cultural heritage.

culture grid logo


Culture Grid provides a wealth of images and resources relating to UK held museum collections.



interpret-europe-logoInterpret Europe is an organisation that fosters international collaboration, good practice and research in heritage interpretation in Europe



logo for the UK national commission for UNESCOThe UK National Commission for UNESCO is the focal point in the UK for UNESCO related policies and activities.




Asia and the East


 asian academy for heritage management logo

The Asian Academy for heritage management is a network of institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific region that offer professional training in the field of cultural heritage management.


heritage-watch-logoHeritage Watch is an NGO dedicated to preserving the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Southeast Asia


The asia pacific cultural centre for unesco logoAsia-Pacific database on Intangible Cultural Heritage provides a wealth of resources for those interested in intangible cultural heritage

 logo for the nara centre, japan

 The Cultural Heritage Protection Cooperation Office, established by the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO to promote the protection of cultural heritage.