Previous events


26th January - The Trouble with Sparta


7th December - Rethinking populism in Europe: an interdisciplinary roundtable on populist movements in history and today

7th December - New Voices from CBOMGS

7th December - The Age of Louis XIV: Frederick the Great and French Military Culture

7th December - BRIHC In Public Event: What is housing poverty, who does it affect and how?

29th November - BRIHC In Public Event: New Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

23rd November - Collaborative public history: a roundtable with academics and partners

23rd November - Identifying patronage networks in rural communities in early Islamic Egypt

21st November - Tea-time Talk

19th November - Seeing Through Byzantium: a celebration of the career of Leslie Brubaker

16th November - Cold War frontier? British military communities in Germany, 1945-2020

16th November - "Non-political classes" between Republic and Principate

16th November - The Unfought Battles of the Cold War

12th November - Inventing Slavonic: cultures of writing between Rome and Constantinople.

9th November - Archaeology, history, and the videogame industry

31st October - Teaching Material Culture

26th October - Transatlantic lives: narratives of slavery, freedom, and diaspora in West Africa and Brazil

26th October - Athens and the Antigonids

19th October - Imagined ecologies and the sounds of extinction, 1900-1949

19th October - Theophrastus' Object Lessons

12th October - Who is public space for? A roundtable discussion

5th October - Midlands and Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century and Today

5th October - Structural and Physical Violence at the Birth of Democracy: A Bioarchaeological Perspective

28th September - Travellers' Tales

22nd September - What is Eloquence? Why Does It Matter?

21st September - Performing Popular Sovereignty: Populism in Ancient and Modern Politics

1st July - Performing Tutankhamun: one hundred years of retellings'

1st July - Status, power and conflict in early modern England

27th-28th June - "Things Taken as Given?": Economy, Governance, and Moral Ordering

8th-9th June - Conditions to Cure? Histories of Medicalization, Psychologisation, and Intergenerational Trauma in the LGBTQIA+ Community'

1st June - The Humanities, the Social Sciences, and Climate Change

1st June - What If We Just Went Ahead and Saved the World? Taking Action in the Climate Crisis Or: Why Frank Schätzing should stick to writing Thrillers

26th May - Ethnography Otherwise. Storytelling and the Ordinary

26th-27th May - Finis Terrae: The Iberian Peninsula Contextualised in C13th Europe'

16th May - Colonialism in Global Perspective

16th May - Historiography as worldmaking: a new approach to historical writing in Byzantium

11th May - The Work of Objects: Imagining Things in Roman Writing

5th May - Questioning our Collections: a colloquium on the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology's Teaching Collections

5th May - Professor Henry Chapman Inaugural lecture

4th May - Aegean seal-engravers: their materials, tools, techniques and the evolution of skills

27th April - The Commonwealth Games: A Roundtable Discussion

27th April - Kleanthis Mantzouranis (Edinburgh): Aristotle on philotimia

13th April - PhD work in progress

5th April - Exploring Empire, Exploring the Self

1st April - The Baltic States and the interwar slump - a panel discussion

30th March - Heterogeneity and plasticity of the self. Some anthropological reflections

30th March - Making deserts bloom: Byzantium and the British Empire in Mandate Palestine, c.1922-c.1948

30th March - Dan Reynolds (Birmingham): Making Deserts Bloom: Byzantium and the British Empire in Mandate Palestine, c.1922-c.1948

29th March - Historical Perspectives on Russia's War Against Ukraine

16th March - Building Dogopolis: Dogs and Humans in Modern London, New York and Paris

16th March - PhD research showcase

9th March - Historical Understandings of Mental Illness

9th March - Karin Schlapbach (Fribourg): "Sensing Religion": Contextualizing Servius' views on dance

23rd February - Researching Black British Histories

23rd February - Counterterrorism in North America and the UK in the Past and Present

23rd February - Roundtable on Classics and 'the Other'

16th February - Interactive workshop: 'invisible worlds'

16th February - David Ricks (Kings/Birmingham): Haunted by Missolonghi: Revolution and nostalgia in two Greek poets

9th February - Reflections on 'Forging Ahead' at the Black Country Living Museum

9th February - Pramit Chadhuri (Texas Austin) and Joseph Dexter (Harvard): Computational differentiation of genre and speaker styles in Latin literature

2nd February - Siren Çelik (Marmara): Writing a new biography of Manuel II Palaiologos

2nd February - Medieval nuns' theatre and the Medieval convent drama project

2nd February - Who are the Audiences for Early Modern History?

26th January - East Central Europe in the interwar slump – a work in progress report


8th December - Romans, Egyptians, and the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople (717/8)

8th December - PhD showcase and seasonal celebrations

1st December - Leisure, Luxury, Austerity, and Citizenship in Archaic and Classical Sparta

25th November - Unhomely Empire Reading Group (2)

24th November - Annual Fage Lecture: The Time of Letters: Epistolarity and Nigerian Newsprint Cultures, 1920s-1960s

24th November - The Medieval Convent Drama Project

24th November - Keleusate: Ceremony and Architecture in the Great Palace of Constantinople

18th November - Unhomely Empire Reading Group (1)

18th November - Shakespeare before Shakespeare: politics, justice and power in early modern Warwickshire

17th November - Hierarchies of Service: Gender in Britain's Commemorative Landscape

17th November - Sinuhe, Sex and Snow: What Egyptology does with Poems

10th November - Roundtable discussion on Landscape, Nature and Environment

10th November - PhD showcase

10th November - 'Into The Labyrinth: a Journey into Stoudite ''Cancel Culture''

9th November - The Crisis of Car Culture in 21st-Century Birmingham

27th October - Decolonization and Fossil Developmentalism: Energy, Climate, Extractivism and Empire/Nation in the Twentieth Century

27th October - Editorial Power: Galen and his Manipulated Canon

27th October - Re-coining the Eleventh Century: Value, Religion and Gender in Italy

26th October - Search and Research - looking for women in the Danford Collection

20th October - Rethinking the Black Death: Can the Ottoman Plague Experience Offer Us Novel Insights?

20th October - Looking for the Poor in Byzantium

13th October - Failure of Democracy: Political Threats and Economic Crisis in Interwar Europe

13th October - Seeing Incarceration in Antiquity: Two Case Studies

6th October - Psychological 'treatments' for homosexuality and gender non-conformity: a roundtable discussion on histories and legacies

6th October - Greek Manuscripts in Birmingham: A New Catalogue

29th September - Sharing Reads and References

8th-10th September - British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) annual conference

8th-10th September - Reformation Studies Colloquium 2021

9th-10th July - Do ancient Egyptians dream of electric sheep? The reception of ancient Egypt in science fiction

29th-30th May - 21st annual postgraduate colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

20th May - Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

13th-14th May - GCfE 15th Annual Conference 13-14 May 2021

6th May - Encountering Ottomans and Mamluks in Late 15th-century Italian Painting

5th May - Early urbanism in Europe?: the case of the Ukrainian Trypillia megasites

4th May - BRIHC seminar (title tbc)

28th April - Plato and Lyric Memory

27th April - Archipelago Capitalism

22nd April - GCfE Book Conversation with Joseph Twist

22nd April - Byzantium and its islands

21st April - The Ending of Roman Britain: new thinking on an old conundrum

20th April - Gendered Belongings. Partition Refugees in Nehruvian India

27th-29th March - Nature and the Environment - The 53rd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies

24th March - Prehistoric Mesopotamian figurines - first attempts at archaeological context. The Power of Convention: A Middle Kingdom Group Statuette in Context

23rd March - Re-thinking Archives and Archivality in the Medieval Islamicate

18th March - New voices

17th March - Becoming-Eurydice in 21st century rock opera.

16th March - Population Control in Ghana's Twentieth Century

11th March - Breadstamps: Imprinting the Sacred

3rd March - The Profits of Slavery and the Wealth of Universities: A Transatlantic Conversation

2nd March - The Scientific Life in Colonial South Asia

24th February - State Concept and State Experience in the Ancient Near East

23rd February - National Trajectories and European Horizons: British and West German Conservatism after 1945

16th February - Myth, Reality, and the Origins of New England

10th February - The Power of Convention: A Middle Kingdom Group Statuette in Context

9th February - Hidden History. Birmingham's BAME Medical Practitioners, c.1900-1970

4th February - Between text and image, between writing and orality

28th January - The Great Church which is called Sophia

27th January - Germany and Eastern Europe

26th January - Rethinking the political class of democratic Athens


16th December - Becoming Birmingham: History, Diversity and Collaboration

8th December - Migration and Mobility within the Ancient Mediterranean World. Question of Scale and Structure

8th December - Migration and Mobility within the ancient Mediterranean world. Question of scale and structure

8th December - Cardboard Citizens Theatre Company and Crisis

3rd December - Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks

1st December - Gender Trouble in British Interwar Student Life

25th November - "The Sphinx's seamless veil": Exploring the Religious Reception of Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

24th November - Navigating Naval Medicine: Ships' Doctors and the Boundaries of Medical Power in the Royal Navy during the Second World War

19th November - The Palaiologan Inscriptions of Venetian Crete: interpretative contradictions.

17th November - Regulating Vagabonds: Religious Violence and the Governance of Public Order in Late Colonial India

13th November - Ben Salisbury: Public opinion and the public sphere in the late Roman Republic

12th November - BRIHC Research in Practice: Dr Kate Skinner

11th November - Early urbanism in Europe?: the case of the Ukrainian Trypillia megasites

10th November - Q and A with Steven Pincus: The Global Origins of the Seven Years War (Lecture now available on Canvas)

30th October - A Workshop on Rural Communities in Ancient Greece

29th October - String theory: order and disruption in Byzantine interlace

27th October - Building God's empire: Archaeology, Religion and the Byzantine Reconquest of Africa

27th October - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

20th October - Dror Wahrman - The Prince, the Jeweler and the Mogul: The Paradoxes of an Early Modern Object

20th October - Dancing in the streets of Constantinople

17th October - Undergraduate Open Day

14th October - The Spectre of Hegemony from the Centre

14th October - How do we study Germany in its European context?

14th October - Back through Byzantium: textual transmission, global history and the journey of a travel account

13th October - Health and race. roundtable discussion

13th October - Source Approaches Workshop

8th October - Quarantine Tales

7th October - The Impact of Covid on Cities and the Built Environment

12th September - Undergraduate Open Day

12th July-8th August - Cancelled: The Classical and Byzantine Greek Summer School

8th July - Postgraduate Offer Holder Day - College of Arts and Law

25th June - Undergraduate Open Day

24th June - Undergraduate Open Day

9th June - Cicero Away Day XI

1st April - Cancelled: Texts and Topics Conference - Revision for AS/A Level AH, CC, and Latin

26th March - Cancelled: Questioning the accuracy of the Origo Constantini imperatoris

25th March - Re-thinking archives and archivality in the medieval Islamicate

25th March - 'A wall of defence unto this realm': conformity and the early Elizabethan state

25th March - State Concept and State Experience in the Ancient Near East

19th March - Postgraduate Research workshop with Professor Dror Wahrman

19th March - The Prince, the Jeweller and the Mogul: The Paradoxes of an Early Modern Object

18th March - "The Sphinx's seamless veil": Exploring the Religious Reception of Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

16th March - Modernisation during Communism: Food, Eating and Sleeping in the Romanian Countryside (1960s-70s)

16th March - From Rejection to Reconciliation — Coming to Terms with the Image in Protestant England 1560-1640

12th March - Plants, print and patronage: gardening women in the floriferous eighteenth-century

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day

11th March - Egyptian Servants – Shabti Figures from the Eton Myers Egyptian Collection

11th March - Murder, misadventure and madness: an exploration of homicide from the perspective of fourteenth-century coroners' rolls

11th March - Dr Merridee Bailey (History, Oxford)

11th March - Contemporary reworkings of the myth of Eurydice

11th March - 'The Lord of Misrule and Thomas Morton: Myth, Reality, and the Origins of New England

10th March - The Rise of Historical Monuments as Symbols of the State and the Destruction of Architectural Heritage in Late 19th Century Romania

5th March - Title to be confirmed

26th February - Lost and Grief in the Roman World (the epitaph of Publius Aurarius Crescens)

26th February - Insular manuscripts in the Carolingian world

26th February - "Can I just say that this has been the most disturbing paper I've read?" – re-thinking the bog bodies of later prehistoric Europe

26th February - The Experience of Enmity in Early Modern Europe

25th February - The Twelfth-century Chronicle of John Zonaras: A "hybrid" composition

13th February - 'Augustine's women'

13th February - Rethinking Berkswell: the twelfth century church of St John the Baptist, Berkswell

12th February - Yu's Traces: the Ecological and Imperial Worlds of the Yellow River

12th February - Identifying and interpreting fake inscriptions from the 18th century

12th February - The Local and the Coastal: How slave-ship outfitters understood Atlantic Africa

11th February - Thomas Greene in Context: Middling Narratives of Self and Place 1600-1640

6th February - Living heritage in Greece: perceptions of traditional settlements

5th February - Writing Eighteenth-Century Women's Biography: A Roundtable

5th February - The analysis of human skeletal remains and the work of the forensic anthropologist

4th February - Slavery in the West African Sahel — A Resilient Institution'

4th February - The Lion at Bay: Britain's Baltic Campaign of 1919 and the Fate of the Russian Civil War

3rd February-3rd March - Polish Jews in Wartime Ethnic Democracy.

1st February - BMCA Teachers' Day

30th January - Female agency in Mystras: fashion indices in late Byzantine art

29th January - Pots, People and the Past

29th January - Visible English: scribal practice, graphic culture, and identity

29th January - Vladimir Brljak (English, Durham)

23rd January - The League of Nations @ 100: Humanitarian Histories

23rd January - The Colonialism of Neoliberal Gentrification

23rd January - The view from the edge: Byzantium and post-Roman Hispania

20th January - Picturing History in a Fractured Space: Visual Culture and the Past in Post-Trianon Hungary (1920-1939)

16th January - Approaching the 'Macedonian Dynasty': family and gender

16th January - Researching Wroxeter: a Roman city and its hinterland through time,

15th January - Material cultures of writing in the Indian Ocean world: on the reception of a palm leaf letter at the Mamluk court

14th January - Postcolonial Commemorative Practices Surrounding Monument aux Morts — The Afterlives of Indo-French Colonial Connections around Puducherry's French War Memorial (rescheduled)


12th December - Centre for West Midlands History Christmas Party

11th December - Protecting the Dead: The Apis Bull in ancient Egypt

11th December - Re/de-centering women and books in the Middle Ages

11th December - The challenges of building a state anew: Egypt in the early Middle Kingdom

10th December - Beyond the Marxist and "culturalist" divide. Ideology and democracy in classical Athens

5th December - New Approaches to Medieval Romance from the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond, c. 1100-1500

5th December - Approaches to the Byzantine novel

4th December - Building God's empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa

30th November - Birmingham History Day 2019

27th November - Missing numbers: macro regions and the political economic geography in first millenium CE Southeast Asia

27th November - For Themistocles of Phrearrhioi, for the sake of honour'. A new perspective on the Athenian institution of ostracism

26th November - A Train Station on the Left. The Making of a Socialist Public Sphere in Romania (1882-1914)

23rd-24th November - Meaning, Memory and Movement: Ancient and Medieval Spaces

21st November - Eighteenth-Century Letters: A Workshop

21st November - Morale and discipline in the Ottoman army,.c.1450-c.1600

21st November - Trouble in the Tehran Multiplex: Iranian Perceptions of the Heroic in the 300 film franchise

20th November - Lachares and Menander: a theatre-historical look at POxy 1235, col. iii, 103-12

19th November - Independence as Rupture, Continuity or Transition? Gendering Citizenship and Decolonising Justice in 1960s Ghana

14th November - Institutionalising citizenship in ancient Greece

14th November - The Crisis of Kingship in Late Medieval Islam: Persian Emigres and the Making of Ottoman Sovereignty

14th November - Byzantium and Africa: a new frontier

14th November - Rivers, Wells and Waterworks: Setting the sanitary scene in Birmingham, 1842-1872

13th November - Militaristic and pious? Lead figurines from the Spartan sanctuary of Artemis Orthia.

13th November - Governing by writing: applying imperial calligraphy in Tang administration

13th November - Magistrates' accountability and epigraphic documents in the Greek cities: accounts and inventories

13th November - Revolutionary Fibres: Materials and Industrial Design in Maoist China

12th November - Comparing Peripheries. Galicia and Carinthia in Medieval Time

9th November - Black Country History Day 2019

31st October - Byzantium: commonwealth, empire or nation-state?

30th October - Film Screening: The Mayor's Race

29th October - Religious Coexistence in the Eastern Mediterranean World. From the Perspective of Cyprus under the Latins

24th October - Bridging the Gap: processions in early medieval Constantinople

23rd October - Middle English literature in medieval Europe

23rd October - Debating Tiberian political discourse

17th October - English chaplains and the Greek Church in 18th-century Aleppo

17th October - 'Am I Not a Woman and a Sister': West Midlands Women Abolitionists' Perceptions of and Connections to Black Slave Women from the West Indies, 1787-1860

16th October - Replica objects and reconstructing the past – but what are we reconstructing?

16th October - A report on the 2019 Bays of East Attica Regional Survey (BEARS) Project

10th October - Islamisation and Sufism in Mongol Anatolia and beyond

9th October - Christ on the altar: visualising his sacrifice at the time of Byzantine iconoclasm and other theological controversies

9th October - Tom Irson's head: a case study in the reception of Lucian of Samosata

18th June - A Fabulous Failure: Bill Clinton, American Capitalism, and the Origins of Our Troubled Times

13th June - Proclamation and Persuasion: Marketing the Birmingham cut-nail trade during the nineteenth century

3rd-4th June - Cadbury Workshop 2019: Law, Custom, and Urban Property in Africa

30th May - Climate Change and Wetland Archaeology

28th May - The Art of Political Rhetoric: Antiquity and Today

22nd May - Global Urbanism @ Bham

22nd May - Fage lecture 2019 - Propositions of the (non)urban: dancing the future away

16th May - Museum artefacts and contemporary objects: Investigating craft skills of the 18th century enamel trade

13th May - The Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Lecture Series – Professor Margaret MacMillan

8th May - Researching Tintagel, Dummonia and post-Roman Britain

2nd May - Materials of African literatures

25th-27th April - The Thrill of the Dark: Heritages of Fear Fascination and Fantasy

11th April - That midwives' midwifery is bad, daily proofs are constantly occurring': Midwifery in Birmingham and Environs, 1794 -1881

27th March - Time and Empire in Carthage

27th March - Checking Normality's Privilege: On the Persistence of the Natural

21st March - Flavius Josephus in medieval Greek and Latin Histories: some cross-cultural approaches

20th March - Bringing Genomic Data into Historical Research

20th March - Making Time: Physical Manifestations of Time in Ancient Art

20th March - Conservative Women and Nationalist Feminism in Britain between the Wars

19th March - Believing in (Medieval) Belief: Gibbon, Latour and what we make of 'Religion'

14th March - Francis Bacon in Ancient Greek. Nikolaos Mavrokordatos (1680-1730) and cultural mobility

13th March - 'Scenes of Marriage in Early Modern England: Shakespeare's Couples in Context'

13th March - Anti-colonial feminism and the League of Nations: the cosmopolitan nationalism of Indian women's organisations, 1933-1939

9th March - BMCA Texts and Topics Conference 2019

7th March - Consular networks, shipping routes, and the Ottoman world in the late 19th century

6th March - Medicine, Empire and Difference in the Roman World

6th March - How to Kill a Governess: the fundamental violence of Victorian Sexuality

28th February - Greek Adoptees Anonymous: adoption, memory and Cold War Greece

27th February - 'Forging Revolution: Truth and Power in the Archives, 1646-1648'

27th February - Recasting the Chorus: Non-citizen choral performers in fifth and fourth-century Attic drama

27th February - Bird La Bird's Travelling Queer Peoples' History

26th February - Who's Afraid of Margery Fry? Reflections on Education and Birmingham's Queer Heritage

26th February - Of Broken Idylls and Mourning in Classical Sanskrit Poetry and Drama

19th February - CESMA Academic Workshop

14th February - 'Remnants of Byzantium': the uses of the past by the expatriated Greeks of Turkey

13th February - Hansard, Language and Politics: Churchill's Tears, Disraeli's Handkerchief and other Challenges

13th February - England's Insular Imaginings

13th-27th February - Being out in the Work-place: networks, support and changing attitudes over time

12th February - Monks and Muslims: Reform Monasticism and Islam in 11th century Italy

7th February - Kantakouzenos' daemon: providence and persuasion in late Byzantine historiography

6th February - Winckelmann's love letters: epistolarity, sexuality and classical reception

5th February - Urban gardening in early medieval Italy

2nd February - Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association Teachers' Day

31st January - Unlikely migrants: slavery, emancipation, and race in the Reform-Era Ottoman Mediterranean

30th January - 'Making sense of the news: Micanzio, Cavendish, Bacon, and the Thirty Years War'

30th January - Dido: Reclaiming a Carthaginian Queen

29th January - BRIHC Seminar launch event

29th January - Centres, peripheries and networks: an impossible triangle to square in Byzantium

24th January - Interpreting the Constantinopolitan landscape: A Rus traveller in Byzantium

23rd January - Ovid's Metamorphic Roman Cycle: Epic after Ardea Burns

18th January - From the caliph to the papyri – Forgotten women in early Islamic history

17th January-17th February - Environment, economy and landscape in early modern Cyprus

16th January - Wearing Rome: the toga and the Roman man


13th December - Reconfiguring the template: representations of powerful women in historical fiction -- the case of Anna Komnene

12th December - Putting Satan at the Centre: Rethinking Contemporary Global Christianity in Nigeria and Beyond

5th December - Spaces of contestation and diplomatic danger at Rome

5th December - 'Recovering the Amateur Tradition in Translation of Classical Literature'

5th December - Ambivalent belonging: Born-again Christians between Africa and Europe

29th November - Mass Blame and the Irish experience: the aftermath of the Birmingham Pub Bombings

28th November - Pride of Place and the Greek polis and island histories: why write a local history?

28th November - 'Bora Uhai': Performing Digital Vernaculars in Kenya

27th November - The Classic Maya Collapse: the decline of royal power and the rise of the merchant princes

22nd November - Your Infertility: Our Problem?

21st November - Sensing Divinity: Smell, Society and the Gods

21st November - 'History as Diplomacy: Emanuel van Meteren's Historia Belgica and International Relations in the Early Seventeenth Century'.

21st November - Air pollution in East Africa: urbanization and inequalities

14th November - Shameful kisses: a potted history of the reception - and rejection - of Catullus' lover Juventius

14th November - Maritime trade and Buddhism in East Asia 700-1400

14th November - The Lessons of Dispossession: Lost Property in the Long Eighteenth Century

14th November - African commercial organization on the Gold Coast in the 17th century

8th November - Ironbridge Annual Lecture 2018

6th November - CESMA Postgraduate professional skills workshop

31st October - Mining, waste and environmental thought on the Central African Copperbelt, 1950-2000

30th October - Nonhuman: Anglo-Saxon "Things" across Medieval and Modern Verse

29th October - Black Histories in The Barber Collection

25th October - From the Depths of Plymouth Sound to the Highest Tors on Dartmoor

24th October - On Translating Sappho

24th October - The Gold Route to Timbuktu: Tracing Medieval Trans-Saharan Camel Caravan Networks from Morocco to Mali

22nd October - Babylon (1980)

17th October - Horace's Ode 1.12: Subterranean Lyrics

17th October - The World in the Year 1000: When Globalization Began

17th October - The (other) property ladder: Taxation and the construction of analogue property rights in Lagos

12th October - If you desire peace, cultivate justice

11th October - Children of Empire: Care and Crime in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

11th October - Augustus, the Senate and the Ara Pacis.

10th October - College of Art and Law Staff-Student Research Showcase

10th October - From Witchcraft to Satanism: Changing fantasies and new experiences in the South African Lowveld

3rd October - School Design in Africa: Issues and Challenges for 21st Century Learning

10th September - Introduction to Inter-Continental Academia (ICA): global networks and interdisciplinary research

4th-5th July - The Material Body, 1500-1900: A Conference of Archaeologists and Historians

13th June - A Workshop on Guns

13th June - Herskovits, Blackness, and the Biological New Negro: Representation and Identity in the Harlem Renaissance

13th June - Pacifists making guns: the Galtons of Birmingham and Britain's industrial revolution

9th June - Supporting Classics Teaching at Key Stages 3, 4, and 5

8th-9th June - Debt: 5000 Years and Counting

1st June - Masculinities in Twentieth Century Britain

1st June - Muslim Women and Radicalization

30th May - The Grain of History: Photography and Post-War Time c.1945-55

30th May-1st June - Brazilian Regionalism in a Global Context

24th May - Early Mycenaean gold and goldsmithing

23rd May - Nature, Print and Production:A Workshop on Eighteenth-Century Sources in the Cadbury Research Library

23rd May - Entanglement

16th May - In Dwarf Land and Cannibal Country": Race, Empire, and Bicycle Circumnavigation

11th May - 1968

9th May - Conflict, reconciliation and community

4th May - Exploring crises in the modern Greek World cultural narratives, identity politics social life

2nd May - CAHA Postgraduate Colloquium 2018

2nd May - Iconoclasm/Graffiti

25th April - Exhibiting Ireland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries in Britain and the US

25th April - Seeds of Enlightenment: Maria Zytaruk and Sarah Easterby-Smith

13th April - Writivism at five and the Future of African Literature

21st March - Kindness to cruelty, stage to sermon: PhD research in CREMS

21st March - Herculaneum. From excavation archives to 3D digitization of houses

19th March - Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity: Métis and Claims to/of French Citizenship in Twentieth Century Colonial Francophone Africa

17th March - Delos Network: Workshop 1 - Delos Ideals

16th March - Making a Difference. Royal Historical Society 2018 Public History Symposium

16th March - Postponed: Empire, race, and humanitarianism in the twentieth century

14th March - 'Savage Capitalists, Civilised Indians: the Socialist Labor Party and Native Americans, 1876-1890'

14th March - Luther, Death and Popery

7th March - Women and the foundation of Greek colonies

7th March - CANCELLED! Gender, power, religion: building networks in post-Reformation England

7th March - Brazilian Film Screening: The Boy Who Made a Museum

6th March - Women in Brazilian History

1st March - The First World War Memorials Programme

28th February - The chorus in fourth-century revivals of Greek tragedy

28th February - History and the digital - new methodologies for future & present historians

21st February - Desire & Virtue: Valerius Maximus' Handling of Philosophical Ideas

21st February - Translating the Bible after the Reformation: Humanism, Theology, Vernacular Religion

21st February - States of Power and the Politics of Race

20th February - Living with Urban Heritage Decoding Architectures and Spatial Systems of Urban Division in The Contemporary City

15th February - Victorian Dinosaurs: Facts and Fictions of the Nineteenth-Century Mesozoic

8th February - A good archaeologist looking for a poor community

7th February - Rabbits, whigs and hunters: women and protest in Mary Toft's rabbit births of 1726

7th February - Defacing the enemy: punishment, order, and visual representation in Assyria

1st February - The value and sustainability of unrecognised digital collections

31st January - The long lives of ancient statues: new finds, new research at Aphrodisias

17th January - Screening of 'Queens of Syria' Documentary with Question and Answer Session

17th January - Competitive Worship? Greek Gods between Hellenistic Rulers and Republican Rome

17th January - Developing the Child and the Nation: Knowledge Politics and the UNESCO Tensions Project in India, c. 1945-55

16th January - Visiting lecture series: Professor Alison Phipps

11th January - Postcolonial perspectives on colonial heritage tourism

10th January - Work and social relations in England, 1500-1640


6th December - Making canon out of nothing, or the peculiar history of a few Mesopotamian objects, and a few odd comments about Sumerian literature

6th December - What happens after transitional justice? An analysis of Sierra Leone

4th December - Annual Fage Lecture, 'Displacements of Discourse and the Making of the Concept of African Oral Tradition'

29th November - Beyond Fetishism: Mmanwu and the Politics of Postcoloniality

29th November - Persian Documents from Pre-Mongol Bamiyan

24th November - Vanished: a historian's guide to extinction

23rd November - When the "I" becomes "we": From personal to collective memories. Reflections from locals in Greek traditional settlements.

22nd November - Communal Labour and Road Construction in Osun Division of Southwestern Nigeria, 1900-1960

15th November - Faking it in Antiquity: The Letters of Marcus Brutus and Mithridates

15th November - Diaspora communications and humanitarian emergencies: the case of Ebola and the Regent mudslide and the Sierra Leonean diaspora in the UK

13th November - Post-conflict Transition(s) to Normality: Individual Stories from Sierra Leone.

10th November - Re-thinking Sunjata: epics, oral literature & translation in West Africa

9th November - Title to be confirmed

8th November - Politics of Collecting in nineteenth century Greece

8th November - Contemporary African Cinemas: New genres, aesthetics and themes

31st October - Ironbridge Lecture

26th October - Exploring perceptions of heritage in Greek traditional settlements

25th October - Black History in the Midlands and Beyond: Connections and Context

25th October - Africa Talks double session

25th October - Preserving Cultural Heritages: Sustaining Social Diversities - From the Treasure Hill Co-living Settlement to the Building and Planning Research Foundation at the National Taiwan University

18th October - Race Work-in-Progress Seminar Launch

18th October - How do Egyptian hieroglyphs and other images both work together and stay apart?

18th October - From Institutional Entrepreneurship to Institutional Work: The World Bank in Ghana, 1957-1985

18th October-22nd November - The Cultural Heritage of Taiwan: Diversity and Transformation

17th October - Creative Cities Through Design Thinking: Taiwan's Cultural Heritage as a Point of Departure

12th October - Walking with Socrates: Philosophy in the City of Athens

11th October - Soldiers in Revolt: Army Mutinies in Africa

10th October - Title to be confirmed

10th October - 'I am Antony yet': Reading Mark Antony's Mail

10th October - Title to be confirmed

9th October - Africa Writes Pop-Up Birmingham With Chinelo Okparanta, Jowhor Ile and Olumide Popoola

7th-10th October - Communicating World Heritage

5th October - Title to be confirmed

4th October - Making sense of Sulla: memory, recovery and Cicero's early speeches

4th October - Achieving Contextual Sentencing in the court room in Uganda through Community Impact Statements: whither kinship justice?

28th September - Constructing an ontology of the historic battlefield (or, some of what we did on our holiday)

27th September - Is it a farm? The archaeology of farmsteads in mainland Greece

27th September - Nation-making at the Border: Zambian Diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo

21st-23rd September - The Modern Invention of Dynasty: A Global Intellectual History, 1500-2000

20th September - Research Africa Day 2017

1st-2nd September - Tea with the Sphinx

1st-2nd September - Women's History Network Conference 2017

22nd August - BRIHC Scholars Symposium

28th July - Literary 'spaces' for oratory and rhetoric from antiquity to the 20th century

6th-10th July - Bridge: An International Conference and Call for Papers

5th-7th July - Modern British Studies Conference 2017: British Studies in a Broken World

28th June - Rhetoric of Fear in Republican Rome: the Ciceronian Case

27th June - The Destruction of Memory: a cross-disciplinary event

7th June - Strategies for research dissemination

5th June - 'Tramps' Tales: Discovering the history of homelessness in Britain

4th June - What I found in a flea market in Cairo

2nd June - Women, the Body and Capitalist Accumulation, Past and Present

25th-26th May - Everyday empires, trans-Imperial circulations in a multi-disciplinary perspective

22nd May - Playing by the rules? The importance of obedience in Spartan Society

15th May - Unintended consequences or desired outcome? Soldiers' children and their role in policies of national rebirth

10th May - CAHA Postgraduate Colloquium 2017

10th May - M3C Eighteenth-Century Research Workshop

8th May - On or about May 2017: Cultural histories in the here and now

29th April - Midlands Viking Symposium 2017

26th April - The Tramp's Tale: A Story of Soviet Border-Crossings, 1945-50

24th April - Genomic Data and Longobard History

6th-10th April - Heritages of Migration: International Conference and Call for Papers

29th March - Crusade in Europe: The 'Home Front' of Holy War in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

21st March - 1917 Revisited

20th March - Confessions of a Courtesan: Print Culture in Colonial Lagos

16th March - Economic History and/as History of Economics: On Affinities, Old and New

16th March - Honour among Thebes

15th March - Remapping Elizabethan Reality: The Perception Revolution

15th March - The unsayable in Ovid's Remedia Amoris

14th March - A Religious War?

13th March - The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World

9th March - 'Free speech' in academia: between critical imperative and structural inequality

8th March - Forum for Early Career Researchers

8th March - The imperial senate and the city of Rome

7th March - 100 Years of Shell Shock: Gone but not Forgotten

6th March - Home is Where the Heart is: British Jews, Diaspora, and the State of Israel

1st March - Co-operatives and Decolonisation: A Beautiful Friendship?

1st March - Designs for Life: Notes on Poverty, Cultural Practices and a Female Carpentry-Training Project in Lagos

28th February - Sierra Leonean storytelling with Usifu Jalloh

28th February - Antinous and the Lerna mysteries: A marble statue from the sanctuary of Demeter Prosymna and Dionysus

27th February - The donkey and the boat: rethinking Mediterranean economic expansion in the eleventh century [VIDEO RECORDING]

23rd February - The Killing of Sister George

22nd February - Birmingham Teaching Fellows Session

22nd February - Nigeria is my Playground: A History of Yoruba and Anglophone Travel Writing by Nigerians

22nd February - 'And there was no one who would remember it': technologies of remembrance and the materialisation of social memory in Middle Kingdom Egypt

21st February - War, Epidemics and Empire: British Military Medicine in the Middle East, 1914-18

17th February - Digging into Ancient Egypt: Symposium

17th-18th February - Understanding Material Loss

8th February - Beyond Empire's Ambit: Narcotic Drugs between Science and State Crime

8th February - The Spirit of Dis/continuity: Pentecostalism in a South African Township'

7th February - The Canopus conundrum: statuary from the underwater excavations in Abu Kir, Egypt

7th February - Urban heritage and local identities in Mexico City

6th February - Making Manhood, Making Science: Myths of identity in modern sport and exploration

2nd February - Entrepreneurship in Cultural Heritage Workshop

1st February - Baubles of the Bourbons: The Fate of Royal Heritage in Nineteenth-Century France

1st February - African Studies in Central and Eastern Europe

31st January - Ace Dance and Music

31st January - Bad art? What can we learn if we dare discuss quality in Roman provincial sculpture from Moesia Superior

31st January - The Emergence of Military History as a University Subject, 1872-1914

26th January - Revolutions Past and Present: Their legacy and future

25th January - A Sharia Court Post Slavery Judgement: The Qadi, Colonial Rule and the Marriage of a 'Slave Woman' along the Eastern Coast of the Indian Ocean

25th January - The Tiburtine Sibyl at the Villa d'Este: Oracular Encounters & Prophetic Locales

24th January - Lekan Babalola

19th January - The State of Speech: Cicero and current research into Roman republican oratory [FULL VIDEO RECORDING]

18th January - The Vanquished

18th January - Narrating the Past: Orality, History and the Production of Knowledge in the works of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

17th January - Preserving the hidden seeds: what happened to Celtic art in Roman Britain?

17th January - Nairobi Half Life

11th January - Violence, Resilience and the 'Coolie' Identity: Life on the Ships to the Caribbean, 1834-1920

11th January - Nigerian Visions of India: Journalists, Soldiers and Nationalists in 1940s India

11th January - The religious life of Dura-Europos in twenty-five (relatively unknown) objects

10th January - The Aphrodite of Emesa: Marble statuettes and religious life in Roman Syria


8th December - Winter roundtable

7th December - The floating university and the politics of knowing in America and the interwar world'

7th December - On the Matter of Words: The Invention of Prophetic Alphabets in Africa

30th November - Creating Counter-Archives: English Catholic collecting and conversation

30th November - Love and Absence in Senegalese Transnational Families

30th November - Nature and Fiction in Hellenistic and Roman Landscape Painting

29th November - Bodies at War: Visual and Material Cultures of Modern Conflict

28th November - Air power in the French empire: the armée de l'air in the Levant (1918-1940)

28th November - What I found there: Reading Classical Landscapes

23rd November - We Are the World: The End of Empire and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism

23rd November - Feminine Futures: Female Initiation and Aspiration in Matrilineal Malawi

23rd November - I just can't wait to be king: fathers and rulers in Seneca

22nd November - British and Dominion Aerial Re-supply in the Great War 1916-18: A Learning Curve?

17th November - The Meanings of Black History

16th November - The painted tombs of Bulgaria between the Late-Classical and Early Hellenistic period. Figurative programs, local models, and external influences

16th November - MCH BRIHC: Forests, Fields, and Peasant Revolution: The 'Green Cadres' and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire

15th November - The Evolution of the IRA Ambush 1919-1923: An Example of "The Learning Curve" in Guerrilla Warfare

9th November - The United Nations and Sanctions against South Africa, 1946-1965

9th November - 'Whenever you dream that we're going to be saved, then we just sink further': Dream divination in Graeco-Roman Egypt

8th November - Towards a historical materialist critique of ethnicity: Armenianness between the Caucasus and medieval new Rome

8th November - Decisions in the Desert, 1942

27th October - Artificial nations: disappeared states, post-colonial borders and methodological nationalism

26th October - Writing about the "Other" in Africa: reflections from the 16th century

26th October - The Archaeology of Colours: New Research on the Polychromy of Greek Painting and Sculpture

26th October - Things, People, Stories – a cultural history of a Cathedral yard

25th October - A European Future for our Past?

25th October - "Seafaring race" Theory: Colonial Naval Recruitment and Late British Imperialism

20th October - Network for Oratory and Politics launch

20th October - "Ruination": Conflicting Values at a Potential World Heritage Site in Thailand

19th October - BRIHC: Thinking through 'loss'

19th October - Objects, Rituals and Money: Everyday material cultures and the Prosecution of Spiritual Healing in the Anglo-Creole Caribbean

19th October - Femi Oyebode reads from his poetry

18th October - The materiality of writing in 3rd millennium BCE Mesopotamia

12th October - Reading Rude Rhymes: Quick Wit, Epigrams, and Satirical Verse, 1660-1740

12th October - Trauma and the Epic in Francophone and Anglophone Caribbean Literature

12th October - "Mixing Colours": Native Tradition and Roman Power in South Italian Funerary Painting

11th October - The Stronger Form of Warfare: the German Defence of the Western Front

6th October - Why I am fed up with the Sophoclean Hero

5th October - Making the Brazilian Northeast: A Region within the Nation and the World (1924-1968)

5th October - Aliens, Citizens, and Rights: Zimbabwe's Citizenship Law since Independence

5th October - Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic: the case of Pompeius Magnus

4th October - Incessant Vitality, Endless Maintenance: Restoring and Stabilising the Material World

28th September - Legal Disputes in the Era of the Slave Trade: Afro-Portuguese Relations in the Bight of Benin in the Eighteenth Century

28th September - One step too low: A reinterpretation of the Procession Fresco at Knossos

28th-30th September - Amiable Angelica: An American Aristocrat in Revolutionary London

27th September - Edwardian Nightmare: the Fear of Invasion and British Strategy, 1880-1914

23rd-24th September - Tea with the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt and the Modern Imagination

14th September - Desert & Steppe Conquests: Fortresses and Railways in the Sahara and Kazakhstan

28th-29th July - James Watt symposium

12th July - Catherine Hall in conversation

4th-8th July - Birmingham and Midlands School Classics Hub Summer School 2016

30th June-1st July - Cadbury Conference 2016: Bodies of text - learning to be Muslim in West Africa

29th June - Celebrating South Asian Music in the West Midlands

28th June - Timbuktu's intellectual and social histories

25th June - Green Britain - nationhood and the environment 1500-1750

20th-21st June - Seeking legitimacy: authority and expertise in modern Britain

18th June - Ovid's garden party

15th June - Youth and being Muslim in Senegal

8th June - Commemorations of the birth of Prophet Muhammad or Mawlid in northern Ivory Coast: between reislamisation, socialization and political legitimacy

3rd June - Transformations of statehood in 20th-21st century Central Europe

27th May - Chernobyl 30 Years On

25th May - Constructing Salafi Identity and Islamic Radicalisation in Ghana

23rd May-21st September - Empires of Emptiness: Fortresses of the Sahara and the Steppe

19th May - Adabiyya and Markaziyya Knowledge Praxes in Ilorin 1960-2015

12th May - Unlocking Potential: The Value UNESCO brings to the UK

11th May - Arabisants' reformulation of religious practices and social values in Mali

5th May - Arabic and Persian printing history and culture

28th April - The World Heritage Convention: a UK Perspective

27th April - The politics of the American army

25th April - CAKE: Digital and Disability

19th April - Gender, violence, and the children born of war in Northern Uganda: new directions in research

23rd March - Writing about the "Other" in Africa: reflections from the 16th century

23rd March - Fear, honour and profit? Revisiting the 'Balance Sheet' of Greek imperialism

17th March - Living the Heritage of Conflict: Memory, Identity and Memorialisation

17th March - 'Deploying Culture and History in the Age of 'Asian Values': Material Debates on Heritage in Thailand and Elsewhere'

17th March - The Legacy of Guano

16th March - Politics of religious registration in Africa

16th March - The port-city of Delos and its commercial cityscape

9th March - Religion, Conversion and Identity among the Armenians of Safavid Iran

9th March - African travel writing encounters workshop: three African and diaspora travel writers in conversation

9th March - His native home deep imag'd in his soul': Reimagining Nostos

7th March - Malthus and China

3rd March - From Mudros to Lausanne: British Policy in the Near East, Greece and Turkey, 1918-1923

2nd March - Rediscovering Cabot: the Bristol voyages of discovery, c.1470-1508

2nd March - A change of heart: genres of social transformation and religious conversion in South Africa

1st March - Deconstructing 'dynasty': lineage and ethnicity in the golden horde and central Europe

29th February - Hidden from History: the 'Making' of Gay History

24th February - Radicalization and counter-radicalization of Muslims in Northern Nigeria

24th February - Royal City of Sais and its Antecedents

24th February - Contested Icons: Poland, Chile, and the Global Politics of Human Rights in the mid-1980s

10th February - The printing of Andrew Marvell's Miscellaneous Poems (1681)

10th February - Middle Kingdom ritual reflected in writing. A case-study from Asyut

9th February - Tibetan identity, Buddhism and the Bonpos

3rd February - The emergency episteme of the 'tribe' in Afghanistan, 1850-2015

3rd February - "These unbelievers beyond the Nile": The geography of Jihad in Sokoto

2nd February - The King-Priest Quarrel in the Ādiparvan (Mahābhārata 1) and the Iliad (Bk 1)

27th January - Issues, class, ethnic identities and religious affiliations: which is more Important in African elections?

27th January - Everyman's Automaton? Who was the audience of Hero of Alexandria's treatise "On Making Automata"?

27th January - Senses and Aesthetics of the Great Barrier Reef

20th January - The Vanquished: Europe and the Aftermath of the Great War


9th December - The Exclusion of Indian Doctors from the Colonial Medical Service in Kenya

2nd December - Assassination in Churches in Early Modern Europe

2nd December - "Translated from Gikuyu by the Author": Ngugi' wa Thiong'o's Self-Translation of Wizard of the Crow

25th November - Tamburlaine's Gold

25th November - Spirituality and Resistance in the Niger Delta

18th November - The Erotic as Rhetoric of Subversion in Saint Janet's Juju Music

12th November - Muslim Oralcy in West Africa: A Neglected Subject

12th-14th November - Landscapes, sources and intellectual projects in African history: rethinking historical evidence and its interpretation

11th November - CREMS Introduction Session

11th November - An Old Warlord's Guide to World Peace and Love: Yan Xishan's Confucian Cosmopolitan International

6th November - (Auto)-Mobility in the global Middle East: defining the field

28th October - The Invention of Happiness

21st October - The Global Transformation of Time 1870 – 1950

21st October - The Real Achebe School: Reconsidering the Emergence of First-Generation Nigerian Writing

20th October - 'The Urban Splash Story' - Tom Bloxham MBE, Urban Splash

14th October - Godly Sorrow and the Protestant Imitatio Christi

14th October - Firearms in Nineteenth-Century Central Africa: A Revisionist History

8th September - Special Event: Germany's Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context

20th July - German Concentration Camps Factual Survey

13th-16th July - Conference: Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage

2nd-3rd July - Rethinking modern British studies conference

29th June - Making resources speak: themes and methods of the new materialism

12th June - From World History to World Literature: China, the South, and the Global 1960s

11th June - A Micro-Historical Approach to Global China: The Daily Life of Europeans in Beijing in the Long 18th Century

29th May - Wings of Modernity

28th May - The Origins and Transmission of Culture (OToC): An interdisciplinary approach

21st May - How is interpretation a form of judgment?: analysis

21st-23rd May - Cadbury Conference 2015: Money Judgments

14th May - Making Heritage Fun

13th May - UK-India Exchange on World Heritage

13th May - The making of an African consumer price index: figures

6th May - Chinatowns and the Rise of China [video available]

6th May - Making money circulate - velocity and judgment: fieldwork

29th April - People's judgments of price fluctuation in soft currency economies: records

20th-23rd April - Workshop on interdisciplinary approaches to the present economy

25th March - Economic History as if People Mattered: A Workshop for Dr Francesca Carnevali

25th March - Modern and Contemporary History roundtable

25th March - Becoming local citizens: migrants, the politics of difference and agrarian clientelism in the Gambia

25th March - Writing in the Mansion of Gold: Inscriptions from the Egyptian alabaster quarries at Hatnub

18th March - The transatlantic context of the Salem witch trials

18th March - Mrs Thatcher's peacock blue sari: ethnic minorities, electoral politics, and the Conservative Party, c.1951-1986

18th March - Zambia's commemoration of Livingstone in 1973: Kaunda, humanism and the politics of the uni-party state

16th March - The Flood Pulse: The Social-Ecology of the 1931 Central China Flood

11th March - Taming the imperial imagination: sentiment, 'science', and colonial knowledge on the northwest frontier of India, 1857-­1878

11th March - role of discourse in Zimbabwe's current succession politics

11th March - Identities in the Roman Empire: Discrepancy and Heterogeneity in Provincial Societies

5th March - Living with the Dragon: a personal history of UK/China Relations

4th March - Shakespeare on the brink of freedom

4th March - Spotted throughout with red: Canadian state surveillance and the Women's Liberation Movement, 1969-1988

26th February - Opening Pandora's Box Lecture by Charlotte Woodhead

25th February - Modern contemporary history seminar

25th February - Black power in Caribbean context

25th February - Herodotus' travels in Britain (and beyond)

23rd February - Inaugural Lecture: Professor Simon Esmonde-Cleary

12th February - Local concepts of Heritage and Tourism among the Mursi people in South-Ethiopia by Tamás Régi

11th February - Defining loyalty, redefining reformation: understanding conflict from Scottish pulpits, 1638-1660

11th February - Modern and contemporary history seminar

11th February - Alioune Diop and the 1966 Festival mondial des arts nègres: cultural ideology under pressure

5th February - Film screening: Nowhere to call home, a Tibetan in Beijing

4th February - Strategic internationalism: mandates, minorities, and problem of non-states in interwar international law

4th February - Archaic Greek society, politics and slavery: assumptions and evidence

29th January - Dionysus Masterchef. Wine, Tourism and Archaeology in Post-Modern Society by Marxiano Melotti

29th January - Birmingham and Midlands Classical Association New Year Lecture

28th January - A Byrde of dyvers colors: a newly discovered Elizabethan romance in the Conway Papers

28th January - D-Day in Asia: Japan's Operation Ichigo in China of 1944

28th January - Lycurgus in Leaflets and Lectures: The Weiße Rose and Classics at Munich University 1941-45

21st January - Viola Klein and the problem of married women's employment in post-war Britain

14th January - Language vs. Layout? Form and format in pre-periodical printed news translation

14th January - Classical Sparta: An Exceptional Domination of State over Society?


11th December - Modelling the Middle Ages in grand strategy computer games

10th December - Slavery and Freedom in colonial Sierra Leone, 1898-1956

10th December - The late Roman Gentry: whence and whither?

3rd December - 'A countrey life assists this study best': Robert Matthews and a new source for Katherine Philips

3rd December - Love in a box: Reflections on youth, texts and personhood in mid-20th century Egypt; and on the poetics of archive-making in the early 21st

3rd December - Niger's natural resources: blessing or curse?

27th November - History and Cultures double seminar

26th November - A case of goats mingling with sheep? The identification and employment of civilian experts in the British Army of the First World War

26th November - A basket of food: Greece in the 1940s

26th November - The Fage Lecture 2014

26th November - Narratives of occupation in The Eagle

20th November - Rediscovering the City of Łódź through Heritage: A Lecture by Waldemar Cudny

19th November - Confessional Coexistence under Military Occupation in Seventeenth Century Germany

19th November - Forging a feminist internationalisation: the British Women's International League between the wars

19th November - Getting rich in rural Hausaland

13th November - Second World War internment in America and Britain: experience and memory

13th November - Ironbridge Annual Lecture 2014 [video stream available]

12th November - The Mixed Inheritance of Empire: Don Chesworth, Multiculturalism and the British Left

12th November - Structure, function, and text of Iregun music in Yagbaland, Kogi State, Nigeria.

12th November - Classicising modernity: performances of Greek tragedy and the cultural poetics of Fascism

8th November - History and Climate Change

5th November - The Midlands and the Great War

5th-7th November - Third Postgraduate Conference in Conflict Archaeology

30th October - Stories and statistics: defining British anti-immigrationism 1955-1981

29th October - Chinese 'Illegalities' in Colonial Southeast Asia: Lessons from the Fin-de-Siècle Maritime World

29th October - Dokta Waziri Omari Nyange: fifty years of intervention in Tanzanian nation building

22nd October - The Global War: British Strategy 1914-16

22nd October - Oil and rural infrastructure development

22nd October - Aristotle and the dialektos of the public speaker in Athens

16th October - Atheism and race in the nineteenth-century Atlantic world

16th October - Delphi: Understanding the Centre of the Ancient World

15th October - Global houses, global homes: mobility and migration in the long eighteenth century

15th October - Be graceful, patient, ever prayerful': negotiating femininity, respect and the religious

9th October - A causal nexus? Anti-Communism and the rise of the Nazis in Upper Franconia 1900-1933

8th October - Roundtable on Contemporary Global Environmental History

8th October - The 'Incorruptible Kodak': Photography, lantern slide lectures and cultures of colonial mission and humanitarianism in the Congo Reform Association 1904-1911

8th October - Contemporary dance, self and social mobility in urban Senegal.

8th October - Classical Sparta: an exceptional dominance of state over society?

2nd October - Ironbridge Institute Lecture by Inger Birkeland

1st October - The art of life and death in Uganda

24th September - Eyes on Central Asia

24th June - Heritage and Philanthropy: Turning Public Passion into Pounds

24th-25th June - The Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies 50 years on

21st June - History and Climate change: What have we learnt?

18th June - Challenges for early modern women's history

29th May - Dialogues with the Dead: Egyptology in British culture and religion

23rd May - Sleepwalking to war? Britain in 1914 and 1939

22nd May-1st June - Hay Festival

20th May - The First World War: 100 Years on

15th-17th May - Cadbury Conference 2014: Class in Africa: A Reassessment

12th May - Ruinscape and slumscape: picturing history and violence in global East Asia

26th April - Midlands Viking Symposium

1st April - First World War poetry event

26th March - How archaeology contributes to African history and interdisciplinary research: evidence from Benin

26th March - The Yenikapı 14 Shipwreck and Constantinople's Maritime Traffic in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries

21st March - Back to back and Up the Yard: Life and Death in Back-Street Birmingham, 1880 – 1960

21st March - The Handsworth Scroll: Radical Politics on the High Street

20th March - The Stuart Hall Project

20th March - What do we know about the Vikings now?

19th March - Living Classics in the Modern Community

19th March - Sailing to Naukratis: Sappho on her Brothers

19th March - Re-visualising the Inglorious Dead: The Abandoned Enemy from the Great Holiday of World War One

18th March - A World of World Heritage: Seduction, Dis-enchantment and New Intimacies [full video stream available]

18th March - Ken Loach's 'Save the Children Fund Film'

12th March - War in Northern Uganda: background and effects

12th March - Cicero the historian

5th March - Economy and Colonial History: German Togo and the Cotton Project

3rd March - A Painful Legacy: Martin Luther and the Jews

26th February - From Tuareg nationalism to Jihad: changing patterns of militancy in Mali

26th February - CAHA research seminar (title to be confirmed)

24th February - Jewish Survival in early-modern Catholic Europe: Inquisition, Ghettoisation and Community

19th February - Commemoration & conflict workshop - 'challenges for HE practitioners in history, area studies & philosophical and religious studies

19th February - Introduction to postgraduate programmes in the Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology

19th February - Introduction to postgraduate programmes with the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage

12th February - Antiquity in Silent Cinema

11th February - The British State: Past, Present, and Future

5th February - Black Gold in Ghana: socio-economic implications for women in the oil communities

29th January - A murder and its aftermath: land, race and violence after Apartheid

29th January - The idea of the classical in classical antiquity

27th January - Climate Change, Warfare and Ecocide in the Early Fourteenth-century British Isles

22nd January - South Africa, 1960-1: from 'Wind of Change' to armed struggle

15th January - Heroic Imperialists in Africa: the promotion of British and French colonial heroes, 1870-1939

15th January - A world of choice: taking archaic Greek diversity seriously


12th December - Medieval Representations and Clerical Masculinities: Between Cultural and Gender History

11th December - Modern and Contemporary History seminar Title TBA

11th December - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

4th December - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

4th December - Will-making on the deathbed in Stratford-upon-Avon, c. 1540 – 1640

4th December - 'Wales England Wed'? English-Welsh hybridity in the two world wars

4th December - Re-thinking race and class in twentieth century South Africa

28th November - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

27th November - Cities of vice: red light districts in Asian ports

27th November - War in Northern Uganda: background and effects

27th November - Reassembling the fragments in a digital age

20th November - History and Cultures Workshop Skills Session

20th November - Editing as a Critical Act: Reading The Complete Poetry of Robert Herrick

20th November - Theft on the trains: cheminot behaviours in wartime

20th November - Youth and insecurity in the Niger Delta

14th November - The Military Implications of Tudor Rebellions, 1536-1554

13th November - Saving the remnant or building a Soviet state? The dilemmas of international humanitarian intervention in early Soviet Armenia

13th November - New maps of Classics: Oxbridge, metropolis and provinces 1850-1920

13th November - Sibyls, goddesses and women in republican Rome

1st November - History and Cultures Workshop Film Group

30th October - Humanitarianism and humdrum internationalism: British society at the end of

30th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

30th October - Class and informal economic restructuring

30th October - Rethinking Ancient Literacy. Words, numbers and social complexity in the Near East and the Mediterranean world

24th October - Britain and the Balkans: war, peace and 'the strange death of Liberal England', c. 1900-1925

23rd October - East African railways and harbours 1945-60: labour resistance to a 'crisis of accumulation'

23rd October - Thinking queer/Rethinking the interwar

22nd October - Adapting to Climate Change: Coping with the Effects of Weather Changes in Rural Sierra Leone

16th October - "Sua Sall You Tak New Troy": A New Sonnet and Jacobean Literary Culture Before 1603

16th October - 'Self-extermination or self-determination': the (re-)construction of east central Europe, 1917–23

16th October - The monkey tablet and the dangers of not treating cuneiform tablets as archaeological objects

12th October - Teacher Subject Days in Classics

9th October - 'Truth be told': some problems with historical revisionism in Kenya

9th October - French perceptions of Algerian society at the onset of colonial conquest (ca.1840-1860)

2nd October - Secrets and spies: transgressing boundaries in sixteenth-century

2nd October - World in motion: professional circuits through 19th-century China

2nd October - The price of death: understanding the township funeral industry in South Africa

2nd October - Family honour: the long life of Roman tombs

26th September - Pompeii – a view from the street

4th September - Panel Discussion

4th-6th September - Crossroads in African Studies

2nd September-29th November - BABEL: An exhibition of images and words by Stewart Brown

28th-29th June - New Times Revisited? Examining Society, Culture and Politics in the Long 1980s

22nd June - Undergraduate open day

21st June - Undergraduate open day

20th June - Undergraduate open day

18th June - Ecology Politics in Pre-modern Eastern Eurasia

20th May - Creating a medieval history gallery

17th May-18th June - The Cadbury Conference 2013: African newspaper cultures

2nd May - Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane? Life After the PhD

30th April - Birmingham Centre for Modern & Contemporary History annual lecture

30th April - The origins of Anglo Jewry in Birmingham

25th April - Margaret Thatcher in modern British history

20th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

19th March - Hiding in plain site: drone culture or sensing Africa remotely

19th March - The life and times of William Hutton: Birmingham's first historian 1723-1815

18th March - 'It's all a Gas': the development and provision of household technology in the Black Country 1800-1939

13th March - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

11th March - Birmingham Eighteenth-Century Centre Seminar Series at Special Collections: Eighteenth-Century Collections

5th March - Urban slums in Durban, South Africa

4th March - The place of the dead: territory and identity in the early modern landscape

1st March - Imperial Humanitarianism

27th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

22nd February - Postgraduate Workshop: sites of memory

20th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

18th February - Accomplished ladies or professional women? Women in art and design in Birmingham in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

6th February - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

5th February - Round Table: focus on sources

4th February - The Bull Ring, an iconic Birmingham landmark: the popularity of 19th century topographical views

30th January - The rule of fear: state violence in colonial Kenya, 1952-1955

24th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

23rd January - Round Table: focus on the Danford Collection

21st January - Brilliant with all colours: Vesuvius and the evolution of it's image

16th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

15th January - "The idea of the nation was superior to race": transforming racial contours, social attitudes, and decolonizing French Empire from La Réunion 1946-1973

9th January - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

8th January - Conundrums of cash: wage rhythms, wealth circulation and the ethics of the economy on the Zimbabwean-South African border

7th January - Deserted villages visited - new interdisciplinary approaches


12th December - Modern and Contemporary History seminar

27th November - Yesterdays slaves: politics of belonging and struggles for citizenship amongst the Gando of Benin

20th November - Property and labour in Faya-Largeau, Northern Chad

6th November - Famine and post-slavery society in tunduru, Tanzania 1929-1963

24th October - CREMS Annual Lecture

23rd October - Trajectories of activism: contemporary anti-slavery movements (Niger, Mauritania, Mali and the Parisian diaspora)

17th October - Eric Hopkins Memorial Lecture

16th October - African warfare in Bahia and Cuba 1807-1844

9th October - Memories of slavery and resistance to the slave trade in Northern Ghana: The kanbon (foreign enslaver) in time and space

3rd October - The Crisis in Syria - a Birmingham Round Table

2nd October - History, memory and commemoration

26th September - Migration and emancipation in West Africa's labour history: the missing links

4th September - The 'invisible people': Hratin of Mauritania and Southern Morocco

23rd June - The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: Past Present and Future

31st March-2nd September - Style Africa - Celebrating the Textile Heritage of West Africa

30th March-1st April - The Emergence of the West Midlands: Culture, Communities and Change 1779-1918

21st March - Applicant Visit Day

21st March - Power and Powerlessness: Africa's Capital Cities

14th March - Applicant Visit Day

7th March - DASA seminar

22nd February - Applicant Visit Day

8th February - Afro-Caribbean Society: Andrew Fuller

1st February - DASA seminar

23rd January - DASA seminars