News in History and Cultures

Five Reasons to join a society at university

Olivia Saunders is one of our third year BA History students and is on the committee for the History society at Birmingham. Here she gives us five benefits of joining a society at University.

My year in Ghana: Lydia Hogg

Final year BA African Studies and Anthropology student Lydia took the opportunity to study at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana as part of her year abroad. Here, she tells us about her experience.

Alasdair Livingstone (29.01.1954 - 18.01.2021)

The department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology was saddened to hear of the death of our former colleague, the assyriologist Alasdair Livingstone, last week.

Kafeneion: CAHA student podcast

Logo for the CAHA student podcast

The CAHA Student Podcast gives you the opportunity to hear about the interests and experiences of students in the Department of Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology at the University of Birmingham.

US Election 2020: The Day and It's Aftermath

Michell Chresfield

Michell Chresfield, Lecturer in US History on the ACS programme discussed the 2020 election and what comes next as part of the Belfast International Arts Festival.

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