BRIHC is the umbrella research institute of the School of History and Cultures. It promotes and facilitates research and research-led teaching across the school, both through the support of research initiatives and through the organisation of events that foster cross-disciplinary conversations.

Over the course of the academic year 2020/21, BRIHC organises two online forums for scholarly exchange, both of which are open to all staff and students:

BRIHC Seminar series

A series of academic talks from world-leading reseachers. The BRIHC Seminar Series runs across the academic year and reflects the whole scope of scholarly fields represented in the School of History and Cultures.

BRIHC Humanities Lab

A forum specifically for the school’s early-career researchers, postgraduate students and visiting scholars to discuss their research and network with the school’s academic staff.

BRIHC organises many other events, such as book launches, networking events, funding workshops, etc.,  

BRIHC Management

Director: Dr Klaus Richter 

Portrait of Klaus Richter





Research Development Officer: Elizabeth Cook

portrait of Elizabeth Cook





BRIHC Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr Theofili Kampianaki

Photo of Theofili Kampianaki

Theofili specialises in Medieval Greek literature and particularly Medieval Greek historiography. As a BRIHC Fellow, Theofili examines the reception of Flavius Josephus, the reputed historian of the 1st century AD, by Medieval Greek and Latin historians. She is also in charge of coordinating outreach activities connecting Classical Studies at the University of Birmingham to secondary schools in the UK.



BRIHC Scholarship holders (PhD)

  • Rose Debenham: ‘Self-Fashioning at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, 1982-2000’ (Supervisors: Chris Moores, Zoe Thomas)
  • Ginette Hartley: ‘Making it: The evolution of a Birmingham middle-class metal-working family, the Phipsons, c1750-1850.’ (Supervisors: Malcolm Dick, Karen Harvey)
  • Felix Tombindo: ‘Conservation, Landscape and Belonging on the Shores of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe’ (Supervisors: Maxim Bolt, Reginald Cline-Cole) 

BRIHC Scholarship holders (Masters)

  • Georgia-Mae Evans
  • Eleanor Greening
  • Dominic Judd Page
  • Tabitha Lambert-Bramwell
  • Olivia Marsh
  • Samuel Wood 

Current visiting scholars

Mariña Bermúdez Beloso

Mariña is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Her main research interests are medieval history (especially of Galicia), digital humanities, GIS, comparative history and the history of the social organization of space. White at Birmingham, she works on ‘Galician medieval space in the European context: Searching for shared and distinguishing elements beyond the Pyrenees.’

Fuka Fujita

Fuka is a PhD student at Kyoto University. Currently, she is a visiting research student at Birmingham’s Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman, and Modern Greek Studies where she works on ‘Religious Coexistence in the Eastern Mediterranean World: From the Perspective of Cyprus under the Latins.’

Shu Huiling

Shu is a Lecturer at Huaqiao University in China. She is currently visiting Birmingham to work with colleagues at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman, and Modern Greek Studies. Her research is concerned with ‘Palestinian Jewry under the rule of Early Byzantium.’

Mingzhao Hu

Mingzhao is an Associate Professor at Huaqiao University’s College of Chinese Language and Literature. She is an expert in the history of ancient China. During her visit in Birmingham, she is working on the ‘Shi Ren of the Tang and Five Dynasties’.

Yuxiu Tan

Yuxiu is a professor at the School of History and Culture at Jilin Normal University in China and the director of the Chinese Society of Modern and Contemporary Historical Materials. Her main research interests are the social and economic history of the Republic of China as well as the modern and contemporary regional history of Manchuria. Her research at Birmingham focuses on the employment of college students in the Republic of China.

Former BRIHC Postdoctoral Fellows