Exhibiting Ireland in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries in Britain and the US

Wednesday 25 April 2018 (16:00-17:00)

Speaker: Shahmima Akhtar (History, UoB)

The aim of this interdisciplinary work-in-progress seminar is to forge an intellectual community of scholars working on race in order to improve our scholarship by providing a space to read each other’s work and offer critical feedback.

Every month, a scholar from the University of Birmingham (and one from beyond) will submit a work in progress 15 days before our scheduled meeting, which we will then share with our listserv and on our (forthcoming) Canvas site. Then, on the day of our meeting, one of the convenors (Dr Michell Chresfield and Dr Courtney J Campbell) will chair a discussion about the paper and topic, urging participants to formulate clear, precise criticism.

What participants need to know:

  1. You do not need to present a piece of writing in order to participate in the working group. Your presence and intellectual input is enough.
  2. We are bringing together scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds and stages of professionalization, lets do our best to offer critique in the spirit of cooperative collegiality.
  3. We invite your input on how to develop the working group, particularly as it relates to readings and programming that you would like to see at the university.

To be added to Canvas and/or the listserv, please contact Luke Carr at LXC447@student.bham.ac.uk .

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