BRIHC Seminar series 2020-21

Autumn Semester

13 Oct: Health and RaceRoundtable discussion, led by Michell Chresfield (Birmingham)

20 Oct: Dror Wahrman (Jerusalem): The Prince, the Jeweler and the Mogul: The Paradoxes of an Early Modern Object 

27 Oct: Corisande Fenwick (UCL): Building God’s empire: Archaeology, Religion and the Byzantine Reconquest of Africa

10 Nov: Steve Pincus (Chicago): The Global Origins of the Seven Years War

17 Nov: Javed Iqbal Vani (Delhi): Regulating Vagabonds: Religious Violence and the Governance of Public Order in Late Colonial India

24 Nov: Frances Houghton (Manchester): Medical Care, Masculinity, and Ship's Doctors in the Royal Navy during the Second World War 

1 Decr: Emily Rutherford (Columbia): Gender Trouble in Interwar Student Life

8 Dec: Greg Woolf (London): Migration and Mobility within the Ancient Mediterranean World. Question of Scale and Structure

Spring Semester

9 Feb: Jonathan Reinarz (Birmingham): Hidden History. Birmingham's BAME Medical Practitioners, c.1900-1970

16 Feb: Peter Mancall (USC): The Lord of Misrule and Thomas Morton. Myth, Reality, and the Origins of New England

23 Feb: Martina Steber (Munich): National Trajectories and European Horizons: British and West German Conservatism after 1945

2 Mar: Charu Singh (Cambridge): Science in Early 20thc. South Asia

16 Mar: Holly Ashford (Cambridge): Population Control in Ghana's Twentieth Century

23 Mar: Fozia Bora (Leeds): Re-thinking Archives and Archivality in the Medieval Islamicate

20 Apr: Uditi Sen (Nottingham): Gendered Belongings. Partition Refugees in Nehruvian India

27 Apr: Vanessa Ogle (Berkeley): Archipelago Capitalism