Alumna profile: Dr Arianna Andreangeli

Photo of Dr Arianna AndreangeliProgramme: PhD in Law, (2006)
Current Position: Lecturer in Law, University of Liverpool

Please tell us about your career experiences since graduating

I have taken up a lectureship here in Liverpool Law School in August 2006, after submitting my PhD. My specialisation is in the field of Competition law and EU law. I have secured this job whilst still reading for my PhD at Birmingham and on the basis of the research activities conducted in the course of the degree.

What does your current job involve?

I am a lecturer in Law, responsible for lecturing, teaching and conducting research. I coordinate a 3rd year Undergraduate module in Competition law, provide teaching to 1st year students in Public Law; I also co-lecture a module on research methods at LLM level as well as one in EU Foundations and one in EU merger Control, also at LLM level.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

The best thing is the research activity. At the moment I am involved in a cooperative project on the Microsoft case and am researching the topic of Modernisation of Competition law for the purpose of contributing to an edited collection on the 50 years of the Treaty of Rome. I have recently submitted a monograph for publication, based on the PhD thesis I had been working on at Birmingham; the book will be published in June 2008.

What was the best thing about your time as a student here?

Of Birmingham I liked the friendly and supportive atmosphere of the department. I have fond memories of many colleagues as well as of the exceptionally kind support staff. The School, and especially the current Head, Prof Arnull, and the deputy Head, Prof Harris, valued the PGR students’ contribution to the life of the Department very much.

How did you grow as a person by coming to University? Did it change your life in any way?

My three years as a PhD student and postgraduate teaching assistant were terrific both from a professional and from a personal point of view. Professionally, my work was critical to the later professional developments and the atmosphere of the department really supported me in my work. Personally, I found Birmingham a smashing city, very hospitable and with a great community feel.

What advice would you give to current students studying Law at the University?

My advice to prospective students, both PGR and, to a degree Undergraduate, would be to make the most of what the Law School and the University have to offer in terms of support, both academic and personal, since I found that the various channels available to seek assistance are very efficient and capable of providing support when needed. To prospective PhD students I would wholeheartedly recommend the School to further their research degree.