Alumnus profile: James Boyd

Programmes: LLB Law (2007)

James completed his LLB in Law in 2007. He is now working as a Trainee Solicitor at K&L Gates LLP.

I spent a year in Bristol after graduation doing various jobs including working for Computershare Investor Services plc as a Customer Services Representative. During that year I was awarded my training contract and I then under took my LPC at the College of Law, London the following year. Our training contracts were then deferred and I took the opportunity to go backpacking round the world, which included two months of volunteer English-teaching in Argentina.

I started my training contract in September 2010 and will qualify in September this year. I enjoy that that job is challenging and exciting. It is rarely boring and the hours of the day fly by because you are so busy. I enjoy being organised trying to solve problems and find solutions, and trying to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. I also enjoy earning a salary which allows me to do the things I enjoy. The LPC was more useful for practice however the legal brain training I got on the degree, together with a solid grounding of basic legal principles, has also been enormously beneficial.