Banking Law in Practice

Tuesday 28th October 2014:

Presented by Eliza Hakes, Jonathan Marshall and Damian Johnson, Deutsche Bank

Report by Andrei Onofrei, CEPLER Correspondent

A truly inspiring and insightful talk delivered by one of the top-class global financial institutions.
Operating in more than 70 locations throughout the world, with its core structure divided into three main sections (Corporate Banking & Securities, Global Transaction Banking and Asset & Wealth Management), DB plays an essential role in building up an international network of business expertise and awareness by establishing high-level contacts with the major law firms of the world.
The key words defining the activity of the institution are "incorporating multiple jurisdictions" and "the opportunity of working at an international scale from a regional office".
The audience was delighted by DB's speech and had been offered the opportunity of a brief Q & A session at the end of the talk.


Report by Ellen Hitchman, CEPLER Correspondent

Those that believed that large firms, both legal and otherwise, were solely based in London were proven wrong at a talk by financial services firm and investment bank Deutsche Bank. Jonathan Marshall, Damian Johnson, Eliza Hakes and Isobel Stephens-Wood spoke to a packed student audience about other potential career paths available to them, predominantly being an in-house lawyer.

In Jonathan Marshall's words: 'what we do is fairly unique' due to the fact that the top-level legal work doesn't just occur in their London office. As a firm, they have chosen instead to spread this around the world, creating 'regional hubs' outside of the major cities, such as in Birmingham, Jacksonville and New Delhi to name just a few. This was the main theme of the talk, highlighting to those who don't want a legal career in a magic circle firm, or those that are put off by the thought of living in London, that there are still plenty of exciting and intellectually stimulating opportunities available for law graduates.

They explained not only what iti takes to fulfil the role of in-house lawyer, but also the benefits and possibilities of future career and personal development. Their honesty in discussing some of the problems which they had encountered through working for a firm that is also your client was refreshing. It was clear that Deutsche Bank is keen to invest their time and effort in recruiting the best, in Damian Johnson's words: 'to teach clever people complicated things'. Their graduate development programme demonstrates their keenness to invest in future trainees. Deutsche Bank are willing to provide as much training as their employees wish and, as a firm, they are keen for their employees to broaden their knowledge. Furthermore, the company clearly demonstrated how those with a law degree could apply their skillset and knowledge to other areas of the business, rather than remaining in the legal division.

This talk succeeded in changing people's perceptions of in-house legal work and highlighted that there are great opportunities for UoB Law students right on our doorstep!