Law in Practice: Interactive Commerical and Company Law Session

Thursday 23rd October 2014: Presented by Bevan Brittan LLP

Report by Si-Yan Hui, CEPLER Correspondent

The talk by Bevan Brittan was unlike the usual informational session, providing prospective applicants with a glimpse into the workings of the firm.No doubt, there was an introduction to the firm and its key practice areas (clinical risk, dispute resolution and employment to name three), but the main focus of the evening was developing analytical skills and understanding commercial contracts in practice.

During the short but fruitful sessions, attendees tried their hands at arranging the order of clauses one might see in a contract, identifying advantages in a drafted clause and reaching a compromise position. It proved taxing for some who had no prior legal experience but personally I felt that it provided us with a realistic example of what we might encounter in practice or at an assessment day.

A main takeaway from this session was that minor details in agreements could turn into a point of contention as firms try to find ways to protect their client’s best interests.

Those interested in working with Bevan Brittan should note its vacation scheme application deadline (28 February 2015) and training contract application deadline (31 July 2015).

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