Careers Workshop: Legal Interview Hotseat

Friday 24th October 2014: Presented by Clare Doolan, Careers Network


Report by Maxine Nutting, CEPLER Correspondent

This session was a fantastic one-stop shop for interview preparation. It included one-to-one practise, group feedback, and a ‘Student Pack’ of questions and general advice on first impressions and resources.     

The group started by reading through 3 pages of interview questions and mapping out answers for as many as possible in 10 minutes. Clare suggested writing down examples to support your answer rather than whole paragraphs. Reeling off a pre-prepared essay often misses the specific requirements of a question, and isn’t going to convince anyone. Next, individuals had a mock one question interview with Clare, and both she and the group gave feedback afterwards. Thankfully in a small group of eight students this wasn’t too intimidating!

The key advice which surfaced was to give your answer a very clear structure; interviewers are looking at how logically you can express yourself. Clare recommended using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result), and to not be afraid to ask for a minute to “collect your thoughts” while you plan this.  It was beyond helpful to be able to practise challenging questions such as “Tell me about an innovative idea you have taken forward” in such a friendly atmosphere.