Careers Lecture: Planes, Boats and the Law


Thursday 30th October 2014

Presented by Ian Insley, Piper Smith Watton LLP


Report by Si-Yan Hui, CEPLER Correspondent

During this engaging session on a specialist area of law, Mr Ian Insley provided us with insights into some of the work he had been involved in over his years in practice. A personification of ‘loving what you do’, Mr Insley spoke enthusiastically about issues that faced the aviation industry such as EU Regulation 261/2004 governing a consumer’s right to compensation for flights within the EU that have been delayed for over 4 hours. Although the aim of the regulation is to protect consumers, Mr Insley projected that this is likely to result in higher fares for consumers as airlines find ways to reduce losses and keep their businesses profitable.

Mr Insley then continued to provide us with an example of a case where he advised the parties concerned. The case (Blue Sky One Limited v Blue Airways [2009] EWHC 3314) laid down the proposition that a mortgage of an aircraft will only be granted if the aircraft is in that jurisdiction. It was revealed that the background to this case was politically motivated and dealt with an American sanction that limited the amount of technology that could be re-exported to Iran. Mr Insley also briefly introduced the Boeing 747-400 aircraft which was central to the case and how it can be differentiated from other airplane models, fun facts that were bound to pique the interest of airplane fanatics amongst the audience.

When asked about his daily work, Mr Insley commented that it revolved around the sale and purchase of second hand planes, and making arrangements to ensure that the planes had actually been delivered before payment.

Overall, this was an evening well-spent, with nuggets of information packed alongside well-timed quips.