What is Your Career Strategy?

Thursday 13th November

Presented by Clare Doolan, Emily Carroll and Steven Vaughan

Report by Maxine Nutting, CEPLER Correspondent

“Don’t live up to expectations of what a Solicitor should look like”

Over 100 firms offer training contracts, and websites can seem dauntingly similar. Tailoring your plan to your individuals needs shows strong analytic skills to interviewers asking “Why us?”  

Geography:  Consider practicalities: familial responsibilities; relationships; hobbies; rent; commute; community. London salaries are alluring, but do they actually cover the gulf in living costs? Don’t forget tax, NI and student debt repayments! Honestly ask whether the location allows you to live the lifestyle you want.

Types of firm: Magic circle and large commercial firms offer seriously high quality work, but run the risk of being a small cog in a big wheel. Smaller firms offer greater responsibility, but don’t necessarily have the same work variety. You need to balance the scale to suit you; if a firm is willing to pay £20,000 more, they are expecting more. There is also a huge selection of firms beyond commercial practise.

Ultimately, remember that networking is what makes successful solicitors, so you need to pick an environment you’re comfortable making an impression in.

Research tools: Lex 100 (though bear in mind firms pay membership); KeyNote on Find it at bham; Roll on Friday