My predicted grades are below the course requirements, can I still get an offer?

We are happy to make offers to applicants predicted lower grades than our stated requirements as long as we believe you have the potential to improve upon your predictions and AS results.

What happens if I don't meet my offer?

Although we cannot guarantee you a place if you fail to meet the conditions of our offer we will always try to accommodate those students who have narrowly missed their offer and have placed Birmingham as their firm choice.

How many students do you accept?

Across our range of undergraduate programmes we take around 450 students each year, which makes Birmingham Law School one of the larger law schools in the country.

What subjects should I study at A-level?

We do not accept General Studies or Critical thinking. We prefer applications from students offering at least two A levels from our list of preferred subjects. 

We advise that you should study those areas which you are most interested in as there are no major advantages to studying any particular subjects.

I’ve already started a law degree elsewhere. Can I transfer to Birmingham?

We do not accept transfers into the School from any programme including other Law programmes.

Can I take a gap year?

We feel that a gap year, used constructively, can be a positive benefit to a candidate. You should indicate on your UCAS form that you intend to take a gap year and explain what you plan to do during your year.

Do you accept mature students?

The School welcomes applications from mature students. However, we would expect mature applicants to have undertaken some recent academic study at an appropriate level.

It is common for mature applicants to study A-levels, alternative qualifications, or to pursue a validated Access course.

What assistance do you offer to students with disabilities?

We welcome applications from students with disabilities. Students with mobility problems need to be aware that parts of the main Law building are not as accessible as we would like. Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to enter details of their disability on their UCAS form, together with the facilities required by them. Prospective applicants are welcome to look at our Disability and Learner Support website or email disability@bham.ac.uk