LLB Criminal Law

Student studying lecture notesModule description:

Criminal Law governs many aspects of an individual's behaviour and interactions within society. Many students will be aware of particular crimes and, more broadly, the need to criminalise certain actions. This module provides an examination of the major doctrines, principles and rules of the general part of the criminal law of England and Wales and an in-depth study of some specific offences. The following topics will be covered:

  • The sources of criminal law including human rights
  • Actus reus (acts and omissions)
  • Causation
  • Mens rea (the mental element of crimes)
  • Homicide
  • Offences against the person
  • Sexual offences
  • Law of theft and fraud
  • Complicity
  • Corporate liability
  • Inchoate offences
  • Justification and excuse
  • Defences

Student comments:

My favourite module is Criminal Law because it forced me to think of concepts and ideas that are relevant to humanity in the course of my daily life. It was thought provoking, going into seminars thinking I had a firm grasp on my stance on certain issues, the seminar leader would challenge me and I would find that my views would change. I like thinking of things in the abstract and philosophizing with issues that pertain to the course of my dealings with human beings, and my cohorts in the Criminal Law module."

The lecturer had a great approach adding interactive ways of teaching, playing music, videos, and asking questions. She really tried to set a comfort zone amongst the students  and was approachable. I would highly recommend this module to anyone. Very interesting  material and great teaching staff.  

My favourite module is Criminal law. This is mainly down to its relevance to everyday life and its integral role in upholding social harmony within our society and many others. Moreover, I wish to work in the Criminal law some day as Barrister in order to put my knowledge of the law into play and actively upholding social harmony myself