LLB Criminological Theory 2

Module description:

This module will draw on and develop the theoretical foundations students would have developed in Criminological Theory 1. It will focus on the ‘fragmentation of criminology’ by considering more contemporary theories of crime. It will begin with a “refresher” lecture covering, briefly, the classical theories that the students will have examined in detail in Criminological Theory 1. Then, it will introduce them to the following theories:

  1. Right-wing criminology
  2. Left realism
  3. Critical criminology
  4. Gendered crime theories
  5. Theories of crimes of the powerful
  6. Advanced marginality
  7. Green criminology
  8. Global criminology 

Each theory will be covered in two lectures – one focusing on introducing the theory and key theorists, and the second addressing key critiques and illustrating the theory with real-life examples drawn from current affairs. The links with classical theories (e.g. Marxism and crime of the powerful) will be highlighted for a rounded, cohesive understanding of criminological theory.