LLB Environmental Law

Student enjoying a lecture

Module description:

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to some of the key issues in environmental law and regulation. The course will be underpinned by the themes of sustainability, social justice and the potential (as well as the limits) of law to deliver environmental protection and sustainable development in a manner consistent with the development of other relevant policy areas. It will examine the development of environmental law, the policy dynamics that drive decision-making in the formulation of environmental laws and regulations, the principles underpinning environmental law and the different perspectives or theories that can be used both to provide an understanding of how environmental law functions at present as well as to set goals for future development of the law in this area.

The course will focus mostly on the system of environmental laws and regulations in the UK, but will also consider how this has been impacted by European and international environmental law. Some of the following broader themes will be examined – environmental torts; environmental crime; air pollution and climate change; environmental law and public participation, international law and UK; Brexit and environmental protection. These themes and ideas underpinning the course will be explored by reference to examples taken from both the UK and other jurisdictions.

Student comments:

I particularly liked Environmental Law because the lecturer was very friendly, helpful and approachable. Her enthusiasm and interesting lectures particularly fuelled my interest in this area especially because it is such an important topic which affects everyone in the world and I believe pollution is something that we should try to decrease."

My favourite module has been Environmental law, first and foremost this has been due the module leader who has gone above and beyond what is required of a lecturer, she tailors the support she gives to each individual student and has been very approachable and importantly encouraging when I have requested help with the module."