LLB French Language Proficiency 1: Presenting, Debating and Writing

Student listening in a lecture

Module description:

This module will develop and extend your language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking), and your command of grammar and vocabulary, and you will be encouraged to become aware of topics and issues discussed in France. You will be guided to research material individually using online publications, and to develop a more independent approach to learning. You will further develop your command of written French in a creative and communicative way, through the creation of an online magazine requiring the use of different styles of French. In the process you will enhance your ability to express yourself in French through an oral presentation at the end of the module, and further develop your expertise in using IT tools such as digital portfolios. Teaching is through practical language classes involving whole-group, small-group/pair-work activities and individual work, aimed at developing all language skills, with emphasis on oral communication.