LLB Intellectual Property

Students outside the Aston Webb Building on Birmingham's CampusModule leader: Dr Chen Wei Zhu

Module description:

Intellectual Property Law examines the legal protections available for new ideas and new products. This is one area where the law is constantly responding to technological developments. The module will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Historical and philosophical foundations of IP law (esp. John Locke & Immanuel Kant's philosophy in relation to IP)
  • The national and international frameworks of IP law
  • Copyright: criteria for protection, authorship & originality, moral rights, infringement & defences; neighbouring rights (e.g. performers' rights & database rights)
  • Trademarks: registered trademarks, international and community registration & requirements, infringement, unregistered trademarks & passing off
  • Industrial design rights: registered & unregistered designs at both national and EU levels

Students will also gain knowledge of the main legislative instruments at both national and international levels, and develop familiarity with the major cases in these areas.