LLB Law of Contract

Students studying between classesModule description:

Within this module students will learn about the creation of contractual obligations, including the doctrines of agreement, consideration, promissory estoppel and the intention to create legal relations. The legal grounds for setting aside contractual obligations will be covered, including factors vitiating consent such as duress, undue influence, mistake and misrepresentation. Finally the contents of the contract will be discussed, including unfair terms and illegality and remedies for breach of contract, especially rescission and damages.

Student comments:

My favourite module is contract. This is explained by my other passion: sociology and interest in psychology. I believe that contract law beautifully demonstrates the aspect of human nature, that is that of humans as social beings. Commercial interactions, contracting, bargaining and negotiations are fascinatingly explored  by the rich case law, developing together with the society and economic/business theories.?The thoroughly debated theories of contract, demonstrate just how human the subject really is. It a human invention, albeit at first sight mostly of a commercial nature, with further exploration into it, contract demonstrates its wide coverage of social interactions and economic mind-set and overall values of the society as it currently stands."